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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
it will be nice to know how and where a lot you guys matched.
it will be nice to know how and where a lot you guys matched.
Hi guys!
congratulations everyone!! I'm not so happy cos I got matched to a internal medicine prelim in new york.. my problem is that I will be coming on a J1 visa and it says I can change to a different speciality only once that too within 3 years..
Not very sure what to do since my heart is really really set on surgery but not sure how an internal med prelim will look on my cv when I apply for surgery next year...
Any advice would be appreciated..
my credentials were-- 99/99/ pass 1 st attempt.. no USCE and no research..
graduated jan 2005
Hey Anush
Your scores are very impressive. You are a recent grad as well. Having decided to rank and got matched into an internal medicine prelim - a career down that lane would be more sensible. I do understand your interest for surgery. But, Surgery is getting difficult with every passing day.

To be honest, you could try your luck next year on surgery - but I would have a plan B in place and look towards even a career in IM or related fields where you have better chance -
it doesn't mean I am discouraging you.

Thanks right doc for the words of encouragement and replying..
All the best for this year's applicants.
How many of you are applying this year for surgery?
What do you mean by rejections so far?
csverysoon, just followed your thread through buddy, you guys really did a great job of maintaining this information. I was able to (as an outsider) try and appreciate the anxiety you all went through.

How is life treating you right now?
not bad drdodo. so what are you planning to do? just a month before things get crazy again. Its the same year after year and it does get tougher.
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