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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
did you get a categorical position for this July?
I am in prelim now and have to apply for categorical this year but not got a LOR so far.

Thanks cs for this thread.
Am applying this year and was wondering is it wise to apply for prelim and categ at the same program?
good luck to all of you!
Hi right_doc,

How is residency going for you?

I am still in preliminary surgery as PGY2. Its tough and gets tougher every year.
I glad to hear that you were able to get a spot even if it is a prelim one. It is so tough. I was happy to get a prelim but now worried about this year. I hardly see the attendings then how does one get the LORs?
Did you get the prelim -PGY2 in the same institution you did the PGY 1 or somewhere else?

Just doing some research about the application process and gathering some info form the wealth of information you guys have shared.

I do not expect to be ECFMG certified befor November. Stupid new MLE software and application processing time.

Is it worth applying this year?
i understand, its always difficult to approach the attendings as a pgy1. try to get some info as to which attendings are nice and who are not. try to do extra work. be the first to go the hospital and last to leave. what people forget is in the end if you dont keep studying even when you get a chance to talk to some attending, you are gonna sound stupid. so trying to learn and keeping update is very important.

if you atleast 1 score and will be eligible by the end of this year, you should apply. this should not hold you. try to get good letters.
I applied last year with step1 and cs but not certified till end of novemeber. I didnt have any calls though my scores were 90s but u can always try.
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