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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
mammoth job of csverysoon should be appreciated and to be kept alive,
guys I am following up this threat carefully, not to discourage, don't be fooled only few matched may 5-6 in last 2 years not to exceed 10-15 most of them in prelim,,,, without a way to move on.
anyone who applies to surgery should go through this forum,,, very interesting,,,,, you cannot find a better and comprehensive forum than this for IMGs who are surgery lover,,, some of these people could choose fp or im and you can guess by now they would have almost finished their residency and were planning for next phase of actively looking for transition to their dream world of employment as physician. But most of these people still looking for surgery position.
Moral of story if you are not honestly not made for surgery, the 99X3 would not work,,, sincere advice don't waste your time for something that you don't love it because it is a waste of time. If you love it go for it but be ready to see your colleagues become physicians,,,, and you still looking for a permanent position...and I know two IMGs that left surgery after PGY2 prelims,,,,that is sad but that is reality. I am not negative but that is reality,,,, if a PD have a american grad for a position with shittiest cred they will not call a fmg period....good advise apply for fun if you are lucky you will get it,,, but to survive you have to have back up even if you are hard core surgeon,,, you cannot live without an income forever,,,,usually big programs give you prelim position because they want you to clean floor shit nothing else,,,,but not cat,,,,
Hope you don't think I am pessimistic believe me I am realistic,,,
Hi everybody,

I applied to 70 categorical programs. U Penn sent me a letter to fill in the supplemental form.


Did I do something wrong ?? Is my email ID okay. I did get the letter from U Penn. I am home now and my listed phone number is down. Going Koo Koo !!

I am 99 / 99 / Pass / 2 US LoRs / 1 week USCE (!!??!!) / 2006 grad / 2 local publications.

I got my first rejection ! Yay !!
where is cs
where are u love cs?
Hey guys
250 pages of wealthy info here abt surgery
very very useful
my advice to guys and gals aspiring to be surgeons
unless you have solid credentials - the chances are very very remote
unless you would wanna chase the most remote possibilities in life - have other solid plans
I don't know why surgery is so difficult in USA and many places alike - although the fun in surgery remains - but not the money ! more so with obama!
so guys - have plan B and plan C
dont be caught unaware!

would u please post or send me IMG friendly programs for General surgery? I have 7 rejections till now no any Interview
That is exactly what I am trying to say, no one believe me. I have more disappointing stories than success stories,,,
I myself want to switch barely get an IV,,,
Hey tekt, the IMG friendly list is just in this thread. I went through every page a couple of times.

Actually the sad story has been repeated year after year. It's not impossible, but the chance is really remote. For people like me without any backup plan, we need to be prepared to land a prelim spot. Though everybody here knows it will start another tragic story. But we got to pay bills for our dream.
chances of surgery residency with 98/95/cs 2 attmpts/78/02 grad/surgery PG from India/research expernce.

applied >100 progrms, no IVs yet. can i expect any IVs. wat r my chances of getting into residency. wat r my othr options. wil it be easy to get into IM programs with this crednls. i realy appreciate genuine responses. thanks.
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