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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
Just one more week.
I dont have good scores .Right now doing observership and Research in a very good hospital.The Program has several prelim spots n few categorical spots.

Just wondering how would be my chances to get into surgery ?
Well I would not totally refute golgi99's post especially having seen the system from up close. But there still is a lot of opprtunity for the taking. What I have noticed is that most american programs fear taking IMG's out of fear. Often FMGs have difficulty adjusting to this environment and one bad apple can bring a lot of strain to the whole boat. So when you have some experience and LORs from people here and can show them that you will be fine, then its just a matter of luck. You always need luck just like for anything. I know people who went into GS with no experience and no LOR from any american surgeons or doctors for that matter. Just make sure to do your interview well. Stay calm and positive and leave the rest to the Almighty. Things you dont control, you can not control by worrying about it. My 2 cents.
All the best guys/gals.
Let us bring this thread back to life!
Hey guys,
Just found time to give back to this forum that I used when I was in your position 2 years ago. I am an FMG and came to US with no research or USCE. Granted that I had great scores, my LoRs were from American docs who were missionaries in my country that I worked with back home. I had fairly good CV and wrote a good PS. i was a 2006 grad. I matched to top notch program as a prelim and worked my head off during my prelim year and stayed top of the class and aced the Absite. I reapplied for gen surg the year after and got only one interview in the program I was in for categorical. No where else despite having 1 year Prelim USCE and now I had done some research and had better letters. I matched in the program I was in as a PGY1 categorical. Moral of story is to tell you guys that all is possible and never give up. I see many guys asking about their chances of getting surg. Nobody can tell you what your chances are and you cannot know until you try. Persistence pays and you need a bit of favor from God and man to make it. Prelim is the route for most FMGs and it is what you can use as a stepping stone. Some FMGS are luck and come from thier countries and get into categorical spots esp if they have done a rotation as students. We have a couple in our program. Once you get in, do your absolute best. In my program, 3 of us prelims stayed on as categoricals and each year, it has been at least 3 and up to 5 prelims staying as categoricals.
I will be checking in here when I get time of work. Good luck and I hope all of you match
did they mention any specific reason at Bronx-Lebanon?

i will apply for preliminary surgery , what should i write in the slot of Specialty interest ?should i write pgy2 ? i am interested in general surgery. thanks for your kind reply
I just wrote general surgery in mine and that should be fine. You do not have to specify PGY level.
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