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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
i cant see any lacking aspect especially when u have already done MS and a PGY1 underway
guys even i think its too early
most interviews come by in late october and early november so do hang in there
even i dont have any usce but i did a few preliminary interview until now
i know its not enough but nevertheless its not the end
so dont hang up ur boots yet
baLa my feeing is that u wiLL get it ....just have some time where r u doing ur pre...
i did not appLy to preL...onLy the way baLa Last year how many iv u had , u teLL us when peopLe get iv as u have seen Last year
yep bale tell us ur experience from last year
I had only 2 intervws...I too cs in december...certified in feb prior to ROL submission...last time I know ppl getting max intrvws in october...
bala do u think i stand any chance this year with such a low score ??
medicnull....I hv no idea what's gona happen..bcos my friends with better scores hv no IV yet....but everything may keep the hope....again scores may not be the only criteria
yar i already have 12 rej.... and some how i feel i got rejection even from Bl in new york whch i heard IMG firendl y are u working there ??
bronx lebanon is IMG friendly but they only fresh graduates that is for sure moreover you are highly qualified and they may not be comfortable. so dont really give a damn to bronx lebanon rejection. it really doesnt matter at all.
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