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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
bronx lebanon is IMG friendly but they prefer fresh graduates that is for sure moreover you are highly qualified and they may not be comfortable. so dont really give a damn to bronx lebanon rejection. it really doesnt matter at all.
I didn' apply to bronx....nt in tht program....all rejection are same...we cant judge....hangin there...
ya i heard that this is crap prog....but i appied as they are img frdy and give H1

where did u do ur ms from mate ./...aiims??
sorry that was for bala ...

dear cs

do u mind if i ask ur crds.....
sure medic

boh steps high 90s
ecfmg certified
research minimal
no publications
no usce
no us lor at all
need visa
2005 grad

doest seem impressive right?
well if i were in ur shoes i woud be more then happy .... u r fresh grad with good score whatelese u want ....
i am sure u wil l be fine ..just wait for some time ....

wel l as far i understand us system ....nothing makes a diff other then ur score ...i have everything else other then score dif
i think the imp stuff in the order for img
1 score
2 visa
3 usce
4 uslor
5grad year
6 research exp
7 cinical exp
8 publications
9 presen
10 awards...

thats what my feeing
correct me if i am wrong bala u r exp and u understand better then we do
no man not really like that. after a point scores really are no help especially once u have the interview. i seriously think i am missing a couple of us lor and usce. with it may be i would have got a handful of interviews or may be not. but the grass is always greener on the other side. i am sure all of us will pull through eventually
i would put graduation year higher than usce,visa and visa lower than eveything else
its just my opinion. anybody and everybody can differ
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