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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
I am also bombarded with alot of rejections,,,Thanks God I got some interviews from IM
Help each other. DO good and have good
Yes Dears the Surgery is kind of difficult thing. But if determinationis strong you can get into it.
I matched into a preliminary position. Its difficult to get into surgery period. I applied late and could not apply vastly due to money constraints, so there are a lot of things to work on.
Dear friends

How are your IVs going?
understandably there are less discussion on IV's
just wanted to keep the thread alive

Do you guys know of anyone prematched in surgery at all?
or did i ask something i shudnt have asked ?
Hi right_doc, I know a guy who prematched in Upenn prelim last year. But I don't think a pre-match in categorical exists. At least for FMGs.
hey, guys, if you did an externship in internal medicine, but you applied on Surgery, would you use LOR from internist doctor for Surgery application ?
I coudn't get an externship on surgery!
hey Ariel
i am not sure
how are ur days

Hey CS - I met one of your friends at one of the interviews here
how u doing?
what else ....

Hope the dream lives.... Hope atleast I remain on bed dreaming!
hi guys, how r u doing? any good news?
Hey guys!!!!
comon guys!!!!
and let me also add up gals - cos these days i see so many gals in surgery iv's
mmm..... any reasons?
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