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General Surgery thread - nothing official about it - csverysoon
Your only way to get into surgery is to do a prelim meaning to be the dept's monkey for one year if they like you or if you are lucky they will absorb you or you have to apply to another cat surgery next year,,, but again other programs will not give an IV because they thing if you were good enough why people in your program accepted you,,, your program might give you prelim pgy2 but again it is very hard to get a pgy3 you will ended up coming back to FP so why all this long way,,,
sometimes you will regret why I chose this because while you are applying again for FP or back PGY1 surgery your friends are pgy3 in medicine or FP it will be painful but if you don't want to do anything but surgery that is fine you might swollow it but if you go back to research and other things I don't know how it will work for you especially if you have visa issue,,, I hope it help,
hi grapewine, thanks for ur advice. i hav applied to all programs for preliminary & Catgorical positions. no IVs yet. I hav lost the hopes of getting any IVs from now on even for prelims. wat r my chances of getting into IM, with my crdntls & surgery pg degree. so that i wil apply next yr for IM. this yr i havnt applied.bcoz i dont want to go through the hell & back to square one aftr doing prelims. may i know ur crednls. r u also trying for surgery. thanks.
You would not have an issue getting a medicine if you are surgeon because they know you are a good candidate, the only thing you have to do is to show them you are interested in medicine like doing some externship or at least working in private medicine office and have some letters from medicine doctors they will ask you why you switch don't say you cant get a position but you have to find a way to justify, for instance can say that I noticed that I am more interested in medical management of my surgery patients or you just want to be hospitalist stuff like that you can add it to your ps too,,, in short show committment and show a direction change from surgery change.
One more advice a guess it is easier to switch to FP becuase you will still do some procedures, and you can say that I want to do limitted procedures and usually the bedside procedures I like I can do it in FP too, or u want to treat families in generations, not happy feeling with a new face everyday,,,staff like that as I said if you do a prelim surgery here probably you will not be able to justify your career change to any of other specialties.
Thanks a lot grapewine for ur gud suggestions. may I know r u an applicant for surgery residency.
Hi I want to do surgery and applied to internal medicine as backup however I got matched to a really good program in internal last match
what r the chances of getting a surgery or neurosurgery residency for an IMG after being board certified in internal med?
Really don't know the system
m here and wd appreciate any inputs
Hi Everybody,

Just checked my last post. It was way back in 08/09. Can not relive everything that happened during this time but it was crazy eventful. How is everybody doing? Nice to see so many come to back this thread and share so much to others. I do not know why I always enjoyed my time with co-applicants. There was always something worth bonding, may be common interest or the struggle or something else.

Coming back to the point of this thread.....

Try not to judge your chances or others chances based on a few random numbers. What makes one an achiever is pure grit. This is exemplied in joining a surgical residency in the USA being a FMG. You have to be dedicated, sincere, persistent and with the right attitude. you gonna have a lot of things thrown at you and if you can take it well, you may not be able to survive.

All the people who wanna try prelims be sure that becoming a surgeon means so much to you that you will tolerate all the ill-treatment. Just the way it is. Some places are better than the others but no place is good. If you can work hard and show intelligence, believe me even if you are a old FMG with low scores, people will take notice of you and acknowledge your presence. Also it will be difficult to relate with fellow residents who think too great about themselves. All said and done prelim surgery is not an bad option especially at a good place.

Always have alternatives. Doesn't mean apply to IM and FM too. Just have a plan if thinks dont turn out well. Research is a good alternative especially if you do not have any fiscal or visa issues. Try to grab every opportunity that comes your way, you never know what will help out in the end.

I wish there was a twitter kind of thing that will help me check this site often. Just was busy with too many things in my second year. Hopefully will try to check often now to meet any old buddies. All the best guys and hope the match works out to your benefit.
And a kind request to all the FMG friends who are in surgical residencies
"give bcak whenever possible and whatever possible to the younger generation. am sure you would have ached many times for some guidance in the darkness."
thanks Cs see you after a while, I am glad you are at PGY2 now is that cat or prelim,,, if cat share your experience with us,
Good luck
Hello CS
I pray u do well.
Guys who need help - use this thread!
it wud be very useful
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