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Drop in your queries,will try to answer - buffycoat
it doesn long as u wrote 5 D/D.

am sure, u will pass without any doubt.
I have my exam (2nd attempt )in phie this friday.please tell me how and which cheap place to stay for the night and also if u have cases of phile?
my email is drjz82
ippy - 01/07/08 00:30

hey buffy coat..
just came on this forum... and saw ur mail and wanted to thank you
ur tips really helped me pass my exam
sincere heartfelt thanks ------------------------my solo contribution was not there,you did it yourself.Anyway congrats.

shobanadoc: cud you plz tell me which tuning fork should we use for proprioception??512hz or the other one..
if a pt cries which tissue should we provide..will tissue papers be kept separately??

Tissues are usually near the faucets.Any tissue will do I think as long as you show you have tried to empathise with the patient.
Tuning fork for vibration-126 HZ see for the label or else check by striking both one after one on your palm and go for it once you decide.Mind you presence of mind is what helps you in the exam.
match2009 - 01/07/08 01:30

hey buffy coat wot is patrick's test?-----'s_test

Do simple tests like leg rising test...if they have pain its definitely sacroilitis if not they dont have period.
Donot waste time doing the test you donot know.
namami: can u tell please tell me how much time do we really need to prepare for cs.( i am a FMG)

buffy-- with the partner and daily motivation at least 25 days are required but its sometimes how you catch the tricks rather than how you know the case.
missed closing in 2 cases due to lack of time.?chances? the rest 10 cases went very well
csa2008 - 01/07/08 14:51

sorry it may sound silly but 1) when u have female sp how would u know if u call her ms or mrs???
2) in summarizing PE . would u tell all the negative and postive findings???

buffy-- 1) Miss is a better option --every body like to hear they are still young.and sometimes even the oldest are unmarried.
Focus on the last name of the patient and you will be fine .Try to remember last name of the patient.If you are poor on that write in big letters on the rough sheet and see when you take the note

2)Only tell the positive findings.I personally think that including PE in summary is not a good idea coz lot of them are simply normal and including them will kill your valuable time.
Just summarise history after telling them to correct you if u missed out something important or they have something to add----start summarising.--Is that all? ----I will now perform examination but before that let me wash my hands.
In PE talk as you are examining-thyroid looks normal, bowel sounds are normal while hearing that, etc.If you donot think you should talk about it ,Do not talk much.Main thing here is keep your self busy by talking something and patient listening.This have impression that you care for the patient.
if female pt presents with injuries on her chest.
i know, we need to palpate wound whereever it is on the chest, but how abt the rest of we need to do the rest of Pul exam on the front or on the back of herchest.It might sound silly but pls do reply.

In other Pul cases in female pt ,can we do her chest exam on the back ( if needed other than just auscultation)

buffy--ask for any cough or any breathing difficulty.Start from inspection--tell about swelling,redness,ask where the pain exactly is to avoid examining that area first.Auscultate both front and back.check 4 heart sounds quickly and the Point of max impulse.
Main thing is to do the exam but keep in mind not to touch the painful area first.

usually female are not the pulmonary patient--I did n't have .
But just in case do as you would do in a male.But ask for the consent prior.They are judging you here for the consent only.Do tell that gown will be untied and you will be quick in examination.
knl---took the test last week,i m so upset i think i have screwed up the patient example is in one of the cases my patient had chief complaint of stress dd for that pt i wrote my first dx as stress incontinence instead of uretherocele or uterine prolapse.but i wrote uterine prolapse in second or third place.other than that i forgot few imp things in 1 or2 cases.but my interaction with all of my sps were good.i closed every case on time.i m really you think i can pass?any word wd be great help

buffycoat---everybody does mistake especially in the exam.Donot panic coz the one you missed out, you might have talked with the patient.Let's say ur one patient note was horrible ,they can't fail you judging that one only.
Other encounter went good? If yes then you will be passing the exam.
Closing case on time .Sp was feeling comfortable with you.Everything is great.What I some time think is if SP is happy and even if some of the q you do not ask in their checklist--u might get a tick on that also..Good luck
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