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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989
Anyone planning to go for 2009 psych match,pls let's gather here and share our strategy,i av passed step 1 and 2ck,waiting for CS result soon,and studying for step 3 presently.also strongly looking for psyc observership,not so easy though.I am also trusting God for this research program am planning to join,pls any info will be welcome on ds forum,Thanks.
anyone?don't tell me noone is interested in psyc ds yr
what do you want to discuss?
strategies,advice,encouragement,anything,that will help towards 2009 match in psychiatry
Psych observership is most difficult to get................can anyone who has got one kindly show us the way??????

Thanks and GL.

Also, to those who matched in psych, what would u consider the most compelling reason for ur psych match?
Thanks again.

got an externship in psyc,u av to pay $150 per week,i av not started bcos of money and some other factors,am trying to get observership now,where i will not av to pay.
can someone give us a hint on hw we can improve our package for psychiatry match 2009,i am an FMG,passed step 1 and 2 with no clinical home experience b4 coming to usa,step 2cs result will be out soon,have a green card,have started observership in psychiatry.
Hey I'm really going to try for the 2009 Psych Match......
Just got my Step 1 score...86. I hope that will be enough. I'm taking the CK in August and the CS next week........I'm a US citizen and graduated in 2007
I'm currently doing an externship in Internal Medicine at a non teaching hospital.....I've met a Psychiatrist who told me I can do something with him...not sure if it will be an observership or externship .....

Good luck everyone......
hey lekarz can u please tell me where are u located or if u have any idea of hospitals in chicago giving psych observership
men psychiatry observership aint so easy, i just started mine today,twas nice and fun,i pray God will help us all to achieve our dreams and goals.still waiting for step 2cs result
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