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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989
drpardha....get some externship in university based hospital.....use it to get strong us psych lors..take ur step 3 by`ll be fine..and look at the graduation cut off year when you apply.... I know that us externship is tough but not impossible .I have No clue how to get one Tongue .
pcp, mate

I still have Ck to finish. I already submitted lors. Do I still need US exp if I worked in UK & Aus?
Atleast one US letter would be great . But because you have documented evidence that you have interest in psych you should get good number of interviews . Many people like you have matched in the past . Apply wisely .....check for the graduation cutoff years .Look for the our residents and their pictures in programs web pages. You`ll know if they take old grads with good credentials like you. Apply in min 50 programs which match your criteria . Go with GOD . Smile

the clinic that offers externship with payment of $150 per week is in atlanta send an email to Dr Antin [email protected]

u can also visit their website i did not do this externship because i do not have money, so i can not give u anymore more details about it.I got to kn this externship thru GMC Group,this GMC group offers externship at diff places in USA their website is i filled a form online but they never replied me, then i called them to ask which hospital are they going to post me to they told me,so i contacted Dr antin directly, if u are going thru GMC group, u will pay $350 per week instead of $150 per week.Anyway, i wish u the best, and i pray God will grant us d desires of our hrt to match into psych residency program in 2009 march.Pls guys keep me in ur prayers for God's mercy favor and grace.
I already did psy residency in my home country plus 4 year work experience..will that help for the match?how to find outside match programs?Good luck to all
freud, i think u are in a good shape,may God help us all
this was a hosp offering it a few yrs ago: I DONT KNOW IF IT IS THE CASE ANYMORE!!!
a friend did one month there and got good LORs

Department of Psychiatry
The Zucker Hillside Hospital
North Shore or Long Island Jewish Health System
can someone suggest hospitals/programs to do psychiatry observerships in the US??anywhere is good....

thanx "theuniverse" for that info
thanks a lot...

thx again mate 4 the words of wisdom.

But tell me frankly how many Psych programs are there in total and what happens if one applies to all....Does it look negative?
I`m not gonna tell you how many programs there are in Psych ( being cynical Tongue). DO your homework my aussie mate !!! You can`t apply to all because " you can`t please all " . Hypothetically if you do apply to all of them just to splurge money (3000+ $$ without the interview cost )it wont have any negative effect but it would not look wise . May THE FORCE be with you !!
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