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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989
csla2 congrats,sajivmd,thanks,rkpsy, u might need to do up to 3 month observership, sm hospital do not require u to do any, men ,this residency thing is all abt God o.all d best to u all.
Hi everyone!
this seems like an awesome common ground where like"minded" people can share their thots! So am jus sharing my concerns about the scores.....
So when does it boil down to scores??? I guess thats the inclusion /exclusion criteria for lots of was just wondering what can make programs look beyond scores ....??? is it research experience?? if so what kind of research experiences?? does that mean you have to have publications? or associated with well known university? and how effective are private externships and observerships in a psychiatrist's office???
Am applying for the 09 with hopes galore great creds either...scores in the 80s not done s3 ...private practice observership for 6 months! But really want to match sooooooo bad!
good luck to every1 here!

oh yeah! /.....was also wondering that some univ programs do post that scores shud be above such univ progs even send calls to pple with low avg scores when they do receive loads of applications with above 90 scores?
does it make sense to waste the hard earned Rs converted to $$$$ over these univ programs for someone like me with real average scores in the 80s??????

is it true that people are failing CS more than before..if yes,i wonder why usmle9989,buddy i found fron the scraps that u finished ur observership..can u tell where do u finish...
usmle9989..reading ur latest scrap,i got my answer..i know a guy who got 79 in s2 bt had good reserch exp as assistant in a top univ..he got a good psy univ prog..

Am still doing my extenship in a private clinic, i believ i will be there till oct or Nov, i kn that score is not the most impt in psy, if u av research experience, externship,and also do step 3 wt good personal statement, it will increase ur chance, but the most impt surety for ur chance to match in 2009 is GOD,whether u av low score or not.
hello,happy weekend
What will you do in this gathering?

this gathering is formed to encourage one another in our pursuit for psychiatry residency program, share our experiences, help other we can help in terms of getting psychiatry observership, advice concerning applications and other issues pertinent to psychiatry.people here av been performing well,u can join as wellin order to help others in need.thanks
I am an IMG,old grad 1999,did 3 year of residency and got my diploma in my home country,I also have a 4 year work experience as a psychiatrist in a psy hospital...step 1 85/ck 92..will take cs in NOV...only LOR from non us doc in my home country...psychiatrist u think that I have a chance for this match??Psychiatry is all I want to apply for...and I hope that I will match..GL to all

U av a good credentials,all u need now is ur CS,and of course a US LOR, i think they cherish a LOR from USA, than from ur country, the truth is they do not kn the doctors in ur country,except if the doctor is an international doctor, i mean,recognized internationally.Put all u've got into it, do step 2cs, and trust in God, i had to take my step 2 cs d 2nd time too, now am awaiting the result, i am strongly believing God for success, and i will advice u to do d same.All d best my friend
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