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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989
can some kind soul post the program requirements list for psych. esp for old IMGs wid mid 80s scores.thx
step 1,2ck,and CS, step 3 for VISA,u need a personal statement,and a CV, some program needs usa clinical experience, others don't,trancript from ur school and usmle transcript.ECFMG certificate
From:docfinish2008 - 08/11/08 02:17

can some kind soul post the program requirements list for psych. esp for old IMGs wid mid 80s scores.thx


Hi! Different programs have different requirements. The usual requirements listed above by usmle999 (3-4 LORs, CV, PS, transcript, ECFMG certificate, USMLE transcript, USCE requirements etc). For older IMGs (like myself) i've noticed that some programs ask for activities done (may or may not be related to medicine) since graduation from medical school.

We just have to make sure that our application is complete by the time match starts =)
Good luck everyone!
hi everyone....
how have u been usmle9989??
have been out of scene for a while.....about usmle we ahve to order it separately for all programs and pay extra??and how do we do that??
thanx a lot friend
and yes i did buy that list finally you had told me about on imginteractive.....thank you again usmle9989
hey hope8881

long time, i also got the list fr img interactive, i think dy r helpful,for transcript, u will assign it to each program, and it will sum up the amount u will pay for all d program u are applying to, all d best, r u in usa, if yes, i will love u to email me, so i can give u a call sometime,then we can talk more on applicatn
I am a psych applicant too...i just got a mail that my 1st article..a case report in psychiatry which i had submitted has been accepted in hong kong journal of psychiatry...will that help guys..i have 4 month USCE as observers..excellent letters from top university
years from graduation and creds are needed to give you our remarkable opinions . Smile

pcp,i like dt

but i think khalibottle is in good shape,how are u PCP,long time
Yeah..khalibottle is full of wisdom its a curvy bottle that all the PDs crave for Tongue hard feelings..just small talks...May God be with us all.
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