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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989
hello.i m intrested in applying for psych this year.but have a big problem.i hv failed cs and i am feelin really lost had all my hopes to apply this dont know what to do? can anyone suggest .there is no way i can give cs this year now .pls help
Yes you can buddy. Just stay put in front of your pc and you`ll find a date.
hey usmle9989 unfortunately i'm not in us right now.i had to go back to my home country in april due to certain family issues.Right now have finished my externship at a world renowned institute on mental health and have joined as a Junior research fellow in a study on ECT.
Will be coming to US in Nov planning to take step 3 then.How was yoiur Cs.
I don't have your email id you can email me here's mine mintydarling
take care
usmle9989...i was going through this had specifically asked me things earlier......sorry pal i could'nt reply....i was'nt logging on for quite sometime.....caught up in things.....will be more regular from now on....i think img interactive is really good....
and also i think u can have 2 psych lor and 1 from someother im or peds or family med....just to show u r good in the field of med besides being interested in psych....i'm using community med lor 'coz i havea couple of project on child and adolescent health under that department.
hope this helps....
thanks for ur reply, i posted earlier dt i didn't pass my CS in june, but i did it again in july, i pray to God for mercy to give me success this time around,am glad u r making progress in ur application,may Godd grant us all favor and make us all match in d program of our choice.

may i ask ds questn, PCP,or anyone who knows, when is d deadline to chose the programs we want to apply to on myeras,also NRMP opens 08/15/08,do we av to register that same day or can we register 5 days later,bcos i think i might not be able to register tomorrow due to sm issues.I wish u guys all d best, and pls keep me in all ur prayers concerning my step 2CS result.
Hey usmle9989......there is no deadline to choose programs. But the earlier you are done with choosing them the easier it will be to apply on september 2nd. Just preselect the desired programs and by the end of this month and you are all set.

Regarding the NRMP .....I would suggest you to buy it before the end of november because thats the date after which you`ll be charged extra 60 dollars to register. Good luck with your cs result buddy. May THE FORCE be with you.
thanks PCP,but can i ask,what FORCE r u talking about, u always say d force will be with u,can u tell me abt ds FORCE
Smile.....Its God I am talking about ......God is THE FORCE . Smile..Go with GOD. When will you get your CS result buddy ?
sokothai and others...
I am interested in Psych residency.
I have worked in good Univ prog as a research asst in Psych and IM and have worked on several papers for publication and recently got my first international publication!
But the problem it is in IM and does it harm if I put it in my application (CAF) and I am focused only for Psych...
Some say to mention it some say dont!
Please tell, what sd I do...
I`ll let sokothai answer this one though I had something to say. Smile
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