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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989
hey usmle9998 can u please tell me how did u get the observership n where any idea if i cud get here in chicago please help thanks
Psych is getting competitive

u can try in these places

Uni of Louiville
Jamaica hospital
St Elizabeth.........DC
Jackson memorial.........FL
Uni of kansas

try in VA hospital

passing and being ranked in Psych specialty is most difficult than IM

Hi usmle9989. Can you please tell me where to get that psych externship which costs 150/week and what is the minimum period I can do it for? Any other info is appreciated too.....?
i got an externship in georgia,the other one i told u abt ,u av to pay $150 per week if u go to the hospital directly,but if u go thru GMC u'll pay $300 per week,u can do it as long as u want,up to 24 months i think,i will paste d website
#15 i didn't do it,bcos i have to pay,moreover,i don't trust them.
hi i,m done with both step with 89. once with Psychiatry residency back home.
hey can anyone help me get details about places where they r giving psy observership or externship
csla2 wt ur score and psy experience back home i think u re in good shape for psy,i was told programs like people wt psyc experience.
thanks usmle9989 but i failed in cs now prepaing for 2nd time. meantime i,m planning to join volunteer work and observership .
don't worry,let us trust in God ,my CS result is yet to be released,am hoping for the best
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