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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989
any idea which prog/states are img friendly.i,m not getting observership in psy got in im private clinic .Havent join yet ,will it help in psy!!!
Keeping faith in God .
good luck to all psy lovers
i heard dt psych program prefer that u get an observership/externship in psych,not in internal medicine
Good luck usmle9989 for your cs result. Do you have any idea how does combine prog work eg .psy/fm, psy/im i have no idea!
no i do not know how combine program work,but i believe it will increase the number of yrs 4 residency program and it will widen ur field of practice,psy/neuro combined is the best.there is also psy family medicine.
m also intersted in psychiatry match2009,right now m waiting ffor cs result,done with step 1n can we apply for observership??any hospitals offering such prog in nj??
dear numita,it is not so easy to get psy observership,u'll av to keep searching names of psyc doctors in ur area,and the hospitals,call them and tell them wht u are looking for,u can even walk in to see this doctors,if they av a space for u,they will tell u.the only website i kn of is GMC group,but if u apply online,they will not reply u,so ds causes doubt for me abt them.U can also try to get a volunteer program in a teaching hospital,ds might be counted as observership.
when re u expecting ur 2cs to be released,mine is yet to be released too,am so nervous,i pray God will favour us all and grant us success,av u guys gotten observership,submission of document for 2009 match is fast approaching,all d best to us all
thanks usmle9989. will try to do neuro observership as well.
av u gotten a neuro obsservership yet,do u think ds will help in getting a psych residency program,all d best
Hi everyone,
Iam also a Psych FMG with avg scores......i need visa sponsorship from programs....any J1 or H1 will do.....though not taken step 3 yet.
I wanted to ask about the combined residencies like.....psych +neuro or psych+int med or psycyh +FM....are these programs more difficult to get into???
also what will be the training duration???
any ideas???

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