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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989
Hope8881,welcome on board,well i av not done much research on combined psyc and other program,but i know the lenght of yr for the combined is longer than psych only,i do not kn hw difficult it is to get into.Try and get an observership or externship in psych.
Thanx usmle9989.....i understand those programs would be terms of yrs...
and i think more difficult to get into.......
also i have another question.....if i get an American Lor in Nov.....can i upload it then and then send the new uploaded Lor to the programs i have already applied to in sep???will they accept my new Lor??
i'm asking 'coz i will not be able to start observorship/externship before Oct.(that is if i get it!!:-)....)....and get an American Lor before Nov.
anyone any ideas??
you can upload new lor at any time.
when program updates from ecfmg them receive whole packet .they cannot be selective while updating from ecfmg.
you can also cancel your previous lor and assign new one.but at any time you cannot assign more than four lor.all lor will remain in your file. so if you assign four lor and than you have a another lor ,you can cancel one lor and assign new one. when program downloads updates from ecfmg they will receive your lor .you will have five lor in your file.alternatively you can assign only three lor to begin with and upload forth one as and when you receive it. some programs asks for only three lor.
I have done this in past.
additional advantage would be you will remain in contact with the program,this is important.when you upload new lor also email pd and pc.
i believe srf is right,but can i ask anyone,is it possible to still get interviews in psych if our LOR is not all fr a psychiatrist.i mean if we get letter of rec from IM,FM and a Psych
HELOO GUYS i,m just wondering whether i should do step3 or observership.Any feedback?? i,v talked to a neoru doc hopefully i will get .searching for psyc doc.
I have been a psych resident, but my positive evaluation letter has been removed and replaced with a negative one and I was kicked out off the program just because they do not like my accent. IMGs! Be really really careful about which program you go to!! otherswise your whole future will be ruined.
oh My God thats Scary!can you tell which prog ??
what is your next plan ForeingMD
It's U of Arizona. My whole life has been ruined. I have been out of residnecy for 3 years doing something just to survive. Totally hopeless. Once I appealed their decision. All the retaliation set in. No justice at all there.
sad to hear about that.
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