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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989
whao,dt's bad new,may i ask wc country u are fr?u need not answer if u do not want to,but i really feel bad abt ds,dt is discrimination,i had better take note of Univ Arizona,

clsa2,i think both step 3 and observership r impt,depending on ur visa status,if u need visa,u might av to do step 3,for psyc u need observership.
oh my God !!!
i'm so sorry for you foreign med. doc.....

usmle9989....i think u can add an US lor from any field if u don't exactly have psych lor from US.they want US clinical experience so that u r aware and well -informed of their way of working and their system.So fm and im shud also be good.
But if u r an IMg then i think all ur lor shud be of psych if they are not US lors.
this may not be final....just my opinion...
hi everyone,
can anyone pls guide me how to finf Fmg friendly programs in psych???I have been looking up individual programs websites...but its not very clear in them.....
Thanks in advance
to find an FMG friendly psy program,u might need to register with match a resident or one of those web site,u'll av to pat though,one of my friend used one website,can't remember d name,he got 15 interviews and match in a residency program of his choice, i mean his 1st choice.
Hello all the psych aspirants,

Would like to share my experiences and struggle which has finally led to a residency. I think having good scores is always a bonus. Its true that they look at the whole package but scores in my opinion hold an important position in the selection process. Then comes experience , statement of purpose and LORS, IN no specific order. While writing your statement of purpose make it short, and interesting, it could be an experience, someting funny, anything which captures your attention till the end. If your english is not good make sure that you take help from some one else. Unfortunately, psych experience is something which seals the deal because a lot of us "foreign grads" use psych residencies as a stepping stone to get into some other residency. They are very aware of this and have become skeptical about who they take. So make sure your interest inpsych is genuine or at leastyou are able to portray that you are ONLY interested in psych. Once you get an interview they have already made up there mind that they like you so the next step is for you to sell yourself. Be as charming, funny and assertive but not arrogant or over confident. Most programs ask Why psych, tell me an interesting psych case, what are your future plans, or something from your SOP. So, read your SOP carefully before you go for your interview. Try getting some psych experience even if its a month from anywhere, US, home, hospital, pvt practioner...... Be prepared to narrate about whatt you did. Try to talk as much as possible because in psych being a good historian is very important and you are here to show that you can be one.

I know studying for the boards is terrible and it seems like a never ending journey but you will get there. Most of what I have written is something you already know but I wanted to reiterate it all. I got some psych experience and now am about to start my residency. Good luck.
hi congratulation!!
what is SOP??
thank you again usmle9989....but are'nt those websites expensive??Actually money is short in my case and i have to a little careful......there may be some other less expensive ways???
congrats sokothai!!

are you an IMG??where are you joining??will u share ur credentials pls???also what r the progs where u applied and got i/v calls??
Thank you so much...

I think SOP is staement of purpose???means Personal statement??

I m sorry by SOP I did mean statement of purpose. I got more than 20 calls and I really think it was the whole package, scores, my letters of recommendations and my statemet of purpose. Most of my interviews the interviewer mentioned about my good LOR'S or something from my SOP. Yes, I am an IMG. I will try and post the places I was called for interviews some time later.
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