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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989
the other website i told u abt is $35 for 1 yr subscription,but find a resident is $75 for 1yr subscription,

congrats,nice experience,and good testimonies,an u tell us the schools u applied to,hw many interviews u got,ur credentials and all other info u think might help us build our own package for 2008/2009 psyc match.
sokothai,dt's great,pls do post this school so we might kn,thanks a lot,did u do externship,for hw long,was it in a teaching hospital or clinic
thanks again usmle9989....35$ is not you know the website's name??
so r u doing externship riight now??

hey sokothai.....come on...pls tell us what programs u applied to and where all u interviewed.......ur credentials,externship....pls guide us.And we'll pray for ur good health and bright future.:-)
hope8881 the web site is
i am presently doing externship in psychiatry in a private hospital .
hope8881 this is d website,but let me make sure this is d same my friend used.if there is another website,i will let u know.
thank you usmle9989
u welcome.did u check the website out,when are u going to subscribe,hopefully i shld subscribe last week in june,or in july
hello everybody i,m planning to volunteer at university hospital. Do you guys think its good idea?
good luck.
if u get a volunteer at a teaching hospital in spyc,dt will be a plus for u,it will be counted as an observership,u will be able to get LOR,go for it friend
Ok. They dont have vacancy in psy . i,m offered for ER or ICU . i,m confused whci one to join.
Can i ask for LOR wow that sound good. Someone told me volunteer is just waste of time.
Thanks usmle9989. i,ll go for it.
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