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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989
anything u can do in usa will be helpfull
hello to u all,how av u been,it is almost july,when we can all start submitting our document for residency, i hope u are all looking forward to ds,some of us are expecting our step 2CS result nxt Wednesday, i am freaking out bcos of dt,i wish u all d best.
hey everyone! Are there any psychiatry programs that sponsor H1b visas?
After several mon of trying hopefully I am getting an opportunity in child psychiatry. It is a day program for kids who have emotional and behavioral problem and hence problem coping with school. The director is a Phd in psychology. There is also a child psychiatrist. She agreed to give me a hands on experience,ie running groups, meeting with parents,treatment and others.I will also assist the director in one of her research study. I am yet to start.So dont know the details.But hopefully will be a good learning exp. I have more than a year of observership,externship and research experience. Most of my experience are mainly in Pediatrics(Observership+Research).But I am an old grad,a mom of three kids, passed all exams including step3.Scores are in mid eighties. I passed my step 1 on second attempt. All others in 1st. I did not match this year. Now my questions to those who successfully matched in psychiatry
1.How to convince them that I am genuinely interested in it as I have experience in Peds and FM before?
xthine there are psy program dt offers H1B visa, i think all residency program shld av one H1B visa sponsorship or the other

Lafafa,jst put ur trust in God, do as many programs as possible in psy,all shall be weel
Can the letters of recomendations come from the country of origin???
I'v worked in the US as a Medical Assistant for 2 years ( while doing the steps) and all they gave me was Lousy Letter.
But I have great relations with top psychiatrists in my country so I was wondering if these Letters of Recomendations are considered better.
i think a letter from home is ok,just get one from home and the rest from usa

I failed my CS, i am looking for a date in july, if anyone can help me,send a mail to usmle9989,i want to ask if anyone knows if this will affect my application for psychiatry, i mean a fail in CS,since i passed step 1 and 2ck in the high 80s range.pls tell me,am so sad right now
Hi USMLE9989 can you please tell me how you got Psych externship ? I want to do psych externship. Which place to apply for this? Kindly reply e mail id is drakhilvats
u need to keep checking on d internet
don'tworry usmle9989.......a little bump on the roadwill not make the destination unreachable....the journey will go on.....
all the best for ur exam.
by the way did you buy that fmg friendly list from
i'm planning to buy tommorrow....
any other websites in mind??
take care and keep your spirits up!!
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