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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989
thanks hope8881,u jst lifted me up,my exam is in 2 wks,after dt i can buy d img-interactive,dt is good enough,another one is match a resident or so,all d best,let us keep our fingers cross and hope in God
thanks a lot .....i just bought the list......rur lors and ps ready??how long is ur ps....??
iam planning to apply in psysh. residency programs, iam an old IMG, grad of 2000, my scores are low 78/81/pass, i got i month observership in neurology in a clinic and 1 month in psych in the US.iam GC holder and got LOR's from both the neurologist and psychiatrist.
i dunno wat are my chances but iam hoping i get into a program.
hi i am new here i finished with step 1 with 76,step2 79 and cs pass all in first attempt.i did 2yrs work in psychiatry in my home country and i also did my internship in psychaitry.what are my chances can any one guide me
i think u guys av a good chance, i am a little worried abt mine,anyway, hope8881, i av gotten 2 LOR one fr Psych d other fro Paediatric,what do u think abt LOR for Psych applicatn, must they all be fr a psych.
hope8881,can u tell me hw good img interactive is,av u started using it, av not registered yet wt dm,till after my exam.
Best ----All your letter from psych doc in US with title ( like associate professor..professor..any academic position )

Good--- All letter from psych us doc but private practitioner not academic

Ok ----- All letter from psych doc from home

Not Good ---letters from diff speciality us docs ... says you are undecided ..not good.

hm, i see, wt if i get 2 letters from Psy, and others from internal medicine, and one from psychiatrist from home
Look....we all HAVE to submit atleast 4 LORs . Nothing is worse than submitting only 3 LORs...which doesn`t even complete the it is not even chance of interview.

2 LORs from US doc is really good..if they are in University letter head then even should get you good amount of interviews.

By 1st of September we all must have our application complete in every way possible...fight with what you have in hand my friend...none of us is perfect..we all have towards minimizing it..GO WITH GOD !!
hello fellow aspirant, hw are u doing, i hope u guys are moving wt ur applicatn,let us remember to gather here and give advice for those who need dm,and also share our experience
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