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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989
problem my cs result would be in sept. I have already sent DSF with 3lor all from home country but i made mistake may be by specifying .i didnt include neuro lor for psy.
CAn i change it any idea?

please guide me.

I am an old grad (1998) who got step 1 result recently (87). I did CS last week and results would be out in Oct.
My CK will be in Sept 1st week.

I have 3 years Psychiatry experience from UK & Australia. Now I am in residency in Psychiatry in Australia.

My Q is how do I stand for Psychiatry residency next year? How manyLORs do I need. And advice me the best possible practical way to go ahead


if ur cs is released in sept it is still ok,as long as u pass, jst pray to God for favor and success in it,try and get LOR fr Psych in USA,and u'll later assign ur LOR to all program urself from ERAS website.

u av good qualificatn for psych residency in USA, but ur usmle step results are impt,u need atleast step 1 and 2ck result to be able to apply for match,but u kn wt God on ur side,all things are possible.
i hope pcp will be able to give u a better opinion.
thank you usmle9989. i,m feeling better at least regarding lor as you mentioned about eras.
u welcome csla2,always
hi i too amlooking for psy observership if anyoneknows any link anywhere in us please help ,coz time isrunning out .
where is everyone ?

How r u? have a look at my Q to you
Could u mind telling me
which hospital is that they will charge 150/wk for externship
Thank you in advance
Hi everyone,

I am an IMG,recent graduate ,need visa J1/H1,,scores very low step1-86 CK-77(2nd attempt)
CS-pass. Feeling totally devastated.Have an observership oppurtunity in oct in IM in a community hosp.Have 8 ks of exp with a private practitioner in my home country.

But planning to call this dream off.I dont think that aspiring for rsidency ith such scores would mean anything.

Feels like my orld has fallen apart.
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