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2009 Psych aspirant,pls let's gather here.Than - usmle9989

u re so spiritual, re u a xtian, i love ur spirit,keep d fire burning
Hi all.just one question
I am an IMG 2001 grad.Currently working in reaserch in a univ program.I also did externship in inpatient psy at same place,so will be able to get 3 -4 good LOR.My question it better,to waive the right or do not wive the right to see the letter.I wont ask for my chances as only God knows that.
Hi friends i,m interested in psy. My question is it going to help if i do observership in pulmonology. I cant get any psychiatry. I do have a chance to get in neurology.
whao neonate,u so lucky,i think it is better to waive ur right,but either way, it is God dt determines success.
good morning guy,hw far wt applications, i do not kn wc school to apply to, wh is d last time we shld complete our applicatn on myeras,i mean choosing a hospital?i wish u all d best o,esply those of u awaiting CS result 2day
Hi usmle9989...can u tell me where to look for psych observership..and hw many months to do ask for...thanks
really i can not tell u exactly wh to look for one, but u need to keep checking online for hospitals dt offers it,i think, most of ds hospitals r in New york and Florida.jamaica hospital in New york offers it as well.So wh u look for observership depends on where u are in the state
hello friends i passedcs exam.
thanks usmle9989..that helps..but hw many months observership is optimum..
Thanks usmle9989....... for ur infor; best wishes for u .
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