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Good morning, torsade... - triplehelix
nice to see that you started to grow interest in least not waiting until residency match..thats inspiring.

I do not know cricoid well yet, but as far as I know, she is 26 year old never married woman, I did not see her in person, but what I knew is she is a duaghter of a Portu Rican mother and German father....I hope you can imagine hew she looks like....and she spends most of her time in the gym...
now, before you ask any further question to us, ask yourself if you can handle the rest !!! lol

just kidding, kuku
cricoid is my very good friend, an wonderful woman, and I expected that she will excuse me for this funny things ! my apologies cricoid, just tried to amuse kuku a little bit, this nice looking guy is single....i can understand his pain ! lol..

i have never disclosed anything on this forum....i mean personal info.....just me...
some kind of insecurity.......

i am being every lazy today...
its grey and this part of the world!
i have been trying to convince myself to go to the gym since 10:00 AM...& it's already 1:11 pm...
anyway i think i am going to have to drag myself to the gym...i have to....
so help me God....
when you come back, please tell me what should i do about CCS

kuku, since you are done with this test, I think I can talk to you too. kuku, did you like cricoid ? let me know...

Thanks for the description. And with your reference ( Letter of, I dnt mind liking her....Smile
If what you said is true, then the only prob is she is a bit elder than me..Still I dnt mind if the description you gave is


Do you mind????..........Smile

26 is older for you?
how old are you?
are you a 3rd or 4th medical

don't listen to TH....
i have never disclosed my gender on the
agree with cricoid..
we do not believe in gender, this is gender free world !
I need to do karyotype to know who is
yes cricoid,

I just turned up to 25 before 3 months... I am not a med ll be astonished to know that I was only 23 n a half when I finished my graduation.....Smile Smile

Which country are you from? In my country we get direct admission to med school after completing high school.
i was kidding, lol
cricoid has a girlfriend who is also acitve in this forum !
guess who is she ?
And I was 26, when I finished my Post graduation (residency)........& I am astonished by myself
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