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Advice from Trishul Reddy-Temporary Jobs 4 FMG/IMG - trishulreddy
Dear Fellow Doctor™s,

I have listed some temporary Job Opportunities for Foreign Doctors entering into US Medical System. While there are many factors that are important in the success of getting into a residency program, the ability to persist and preserve in life stands out head and shoulders above the rest!

Life to most doctors who did not match seems to be filled with uncertainty, self doubt and financial shackles. I™ve been there and I am very much familiar with that life situation, it is natural to feel let down and disappointed but the wisdom we gain from going through the process of feeling deep disappointment gives us access to the heart of humanity. If it™s any consolation, like everything else in life... this too shall pass. A few years from now you will wonder why you let yourself worry so much. I'm not trying to make light of it here. I just want to put it in perspective.

Not in a particular order but these are few of the alternative job opportunities you can pursue until you get into a residency program:

1. Physician Assistant
2. Medical Assistant
3. Working in Kaplan with Student Visa
4. Research Associate
5. Pre-Residency Fellowships
6. Nursing
7. Sleep Technician
8. Others

1. Physician Assistant - Although most states in US require a PA license to practice, there are County hospitals affiliated with Universities which provide Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG) with Temporary Residency Training License which allows you to work as an Intern/PA/Fellow, they are Non-ACGME accredited programs and will sponsor H1b Visa's if you passed step 3 and J1 if you haven't.

Some of the Non-ACGME programs, which provide these opportunities, are:

(A) Liver and Renal Transplant (Surgery) programs
(B) HIV/ Special Immunology (Medicine) programs

Your Salary will be the same as the first year resident and you are required to be ECFMG Certified.

I've known colleagues who have not completed USMLE and switched to being a Physician Assistant after taking the 2 year PA course and are now earning a very good income with a 9-5 job.

2. Medical Assistant - This also requires you to be certified but there are private clinics who will take you as a medical assistant without certification. I doubt if they will be able to sponsor your visa, but if you are a green card or a citizen and are unable to get an observerships or clinical experience, this is a safe alternative. (Also a good way of acquiring recommendation letters)

3. Working at Kaplan with Student Visa - I don't think this requires much explanation.

4. Research Associate - There are tons of positions available in this arena. All you have to do is go the website of the University near you and look at Job Opportunities section. The draw back with this is that they all require Research Experience. Don't be discouraged, the best way to approach this is to personally go to the department at least 3 times a week and just help them out with anything and everything. You have to use your interpersonal skills here. You will achieve much more by doing this than sending your application online and waiting for reply.

5. Pre-Residency Fellowships - These are fellowships which provide you with US Clinical Experience. You will be working as an Intern and earning similar income as an Intern, These programs are only available at University based hospitals. They sponsor H1b and J1 visas and require you to be ECFMG Certified.

Some of the Non-ACGME programs, which provide these opportunities, are:

(A) Interventional Radiology
(B) Trauma
© Neurosurgery
(D) Pediatric Surgery

6. Nursing - While working at the university, I've met number of FMG's who took a temporary appointment as a Nurse at a hospital. When I inquired why they chose this route, almost all of them replied that it was either for financial reasons or to secure their immigration status. All of them got their Green Cards through this opportunity and made considerable amount of money to finish their USMLE steps and apply for positions. Most of them had family and children to support. Last year, I was delighted to find out that out of 7 individuals, 5 of them matched successfully in Family Practice (mostly NJ). Drawback “ You have to complete a nursing course at a nearby college for 1 or 2 years and have to pass NCLEX.

7. Sleep Technician - This is getting more popular now days, Sleep clinics all over the country require Sleep Technicians. The job responsibilities are simple, apply EEG electrodes and gather data. This is especially a great opportunity if you are interested in pursuing residency in Neurology. Drawbacks “ Most probably no visa sponsorship and you should be willing to work at nights.

8. Miscellaneous Jobs - There are sometimes situations in life which requires one to work at jobs which are not related to the medical field. There is no shame in this, but is sign of great strength and maturity. I have known Cardiologists, Surgeons, Pediatricians etc. who worked at gas stations, waiters at restaurants, janitors and some even as barbers. Interestingly, some of them mentioned this experience in their personal statements very eloquently which added depth and humility to their personality. Honoring whatever experiences we have in our lives is an invaluable way to transcend to the next level, our greatest teacher is off course life itself.

With that said, I wish all you the best in next years match.


Trishul Reddy M.D
Medical Correspondent
Manhattan, NY 10010

Hi trishul i have work permit looking for job opportunity
please can u help me
sorry my email ramdankhan123
Hi Trishul reddy,

Thanks for the great information. I did part 1.
I am taking part 2ck in june and cs in july. I am currently working in UK.
I would like to get some usce.
I have a green card.
can you please tell me the best way to get usce and whom to approach.


hi trishul reddy

thanks very much for the information.

i have finished all my usmle exams and have ecfmg certification.

i am lookinf for observership or research programs.

i am on a visitor visa.

plz do mail me if any oppurtunity is there in anything.....

Excellent Post!
Dr. Reddy is this you in this Video?? If it is .. You are AMAZING!
hi dr. trishul reddy,
thanks for posting excellent post. i am sure this will help me and many other imgs.
I'm trying for the PA position.. any adivce??
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