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Any Philippine grads joining Match 2009? - xthine
Hey guys, xthine! I don't understand the 'finalizing LORs' thing. Do I just repeat what I did in the DSF (names and positions, and to what specialty we are assigning them)? Thanks!

Hi Fantasy! I have my own pedia list.. email me or message me: christhine so we can compare notes.

Virtuoso: Yes just repeat and input everything in the DSF. After you finalize the LORs you'll be able to see them in your post office. =)
hi guys, im new here... im wondering if any1 can share their pedia program lists? i made mine but i dont knw if its enough. hoping to compare notes too... thanks peeps!

hi there anyone im new here. im making my list for IM or rehab medicine programs. baka naman po may alam kayong mga IMG frindly hospitals sa east coast. thanks so much.
hi fantasy iim planning to apply sa rehab med din may list ka na ba? tulungan tayo. ym mo ko id ko goggogboy. thanks
Fantasy and Peds2009..i guess that makes us 3 going for Peds?

What are your email addys/YM IDs? I've made my own list too..i hope we can try and help each other out for the match =)
hey xthine, my email ad is dra_van.. hope we can share r lists. r u applying for peds only or u have another program in mind? send me ur email ad too so i can send u my list. tnx tnx
hey guys, i hav a question. im done with step 1 and is about to take ck dis sept and cs dis oct. i plan to apply for 2009 match but i dont know if its rational. i mean, should i take the plunge and apply on sept 1st or be certified and do step 3 and wait for 2010 match? its a big gamble and the expense is no joke so im really confused if i should go for it... pls help! tnx tnx tnx
Peds2009 & xthine, let's share our Peds list.
Goggogboy, let's share our PM&R list.
My email is jeanmd2009 @yahoo
xthine andito ka din pala... =) kng sino meron list ng IM programs paemail po... earlilano ang email ko. thanks.
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