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Any Philippine grads joining Match 2009? - xthine
darevee, may email add ka ba ni xtine? thanks!
hi there! is there anyone here who will be starting their residency at st. john's MI this july? Thanks!!!!
Thanks Scoobydoo3. Since Im still here in the US, I went to the Phil. Consul in NYC. Signed my contract in front of them and waited 3 hours to get the authenticated contract with the ribbon and seal stuff. Plus, got myself a Garret's popcorn and had a wonderful time walking 42nd avenue. Thanks.
Hi, I just want to ask help--- I am residing right now outside of the phils, and I just thought that after the match, we will be required to be registered for POEA clearance (Overseas Employment Certificate)--- being a filipino citizen, and on working visa sponsorship. Since there is a pre-departure orientation seminar and medical clearance from DOH-accredited clinic or hospital--- I will have to go back to the Phils, and take care of all of it in person. But, for financial constraints, I am just wondering if there is an option on how to go about it without going home??? Any input will help....
hi docascf! from what i've been reading, you can just schedule your h1b visa interview at any philippine consulate in whichever country you are currently residing. ARe you in the US right now? if so, i don't think you still have to go home to the phils for your POEA clearance. However, when you do go home to the phils for a vacation anytime in the future, you might have to pass thru POEA before you can go back to the US.
hi wobertow,
thanks so much for your reply. right now I am residing in Japan. just came back from US. I am planning to get the H1B visa here. kayalang ngayong nakaalis na ko sa US, required ba talaga yung OEC from POEA? kasi i inquired from the Phil consulate here in Japan, hindi raw sila nagrerelease ng OEC. do they really ask for the OEC in the US Immigration upon entry?
thanks again...
Hello guys =)

for those on J1 visa. how many days before the date of the official start of training do they allow you to enter the US? there seems to be a lot of things to be done... any tips guys? on apartment / car searching, where did you guys stay while doing all these...
hi everyone!!!

I'm looking for the thread regarding the steps on how to apply for a J1 visa. I got prematched and I'm in the Philippines right now. I also have the signed contract with me. Can anybody help me with this? Thank you very much.
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