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Any Philippine grads joining Match 2009? - xthine
Yey! Dumadami na tayo! =)

Anmelie:Hello! So far all the IMGs I've met are applying to either IM or FM. I will let you know if I find one so you can compare notes for the match. Will you be applying to other specialties?

Kungdoctor: I knew it! Pinoy ka din. hehe. I remember reading one of your posts and thinking...'hmm malamang Pinoy eto' =). Sorry to hear about your Step 3 attempt. When did you take the exam? Are you in the States right now? I could try and help you out with Step 3, I took it last month. I'm here in Cali, but leaving for Manila in a few days.

Come to think of it..where are you guys now? Para mas maganda pag network.

Good luck to everybody!!
hello mga kabayan....
i'm done with all my exams including step 3, and2 ako california, ako pala matanda d2, 1996 grad me. sana palarin tayong lahat..
Hey docshakelford and deo!

I remember you both. This is our year! Hehe.

Psalm, 2005 UERM here. Will fly to the US on wednesday to take Step 3 August 16 and 18. Medyo takot na! I'm applying for IM and FM pala. Smile

Good luck sa ting lahat ng mga pinoy. Kung sino man sa inyo ang may kailangan ng UW mcqs and CCS, at USMLE steps123 CCS cases, iwan nyo na lang address nyo dito. Or email me sa virtuoso.pianist para di ma-flood ng request ng mga may anghit ang thread natin. Hehehe.
hi xthine,

saw your name on mam gel's list of mspe requests Smile

virtuoso_pianist : I'm interested Smile my email treasure_168
thanks much in advance!

goood luck to us all
hi! i am a 2005 grad step 1-85 unfortunately 2 attempts, ck this august and cs in october.

initially i wanted to join the 2009 match for IM. sa kasamaang palad e hindi maganda ang step 1 score.

hingi lang po ako ng advice kung mag-externship na lang muna ako and join 2010 matching?

if so, magkano kaya ang externship?

i will appreciate your replies.

salamat dok!
Hey Virtuoso&xthine and the rest of the gangWinkthis is our year &HOPEFULLY EVERYBODY WILL BE MATCHED TO THEIR RESPECTIVE CHOICE OF PROGRAMWink

hI vIRTUOSO GOODLUCK&GOD BLESS!!!! ETO pla email address ko ariveramd
sorry ngayon lang me apply....if anyone may gusto mag externship...psychiatry.kaya lang ala bayad......5 months........dito me new ad ko---kungdoktor.appreciate the ccs cases...puwede kita tawagan dita california....girl me noh..he he he..tnx
kamusta ka na?

ano ang bago?
THANK YOU VERY MUCH KENNETH aka Virtuoso!!!good luck sa ating lahat!!!
Dami palang pinoy sa forum. Goodluck sa inyong lahat. Tapusin nyo na ang step 3 before going to residency. By experience ang hirap pagsabayin. Sa mga may mababang score huwag kayong mawalan ng pag asa, in reality maraming na match na hindi score ang basis. Sa mga matataas ang score, huwag masyadong overconfident, hindi lang score ang tinitingnan ng mga PD's.
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