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Any Philippine grads joining Match 2009? - xthine
sali ako! PLM 2004. done with all the steps. applying to IM and FM. eternally optimistic!

xthine: oo nga eh... :p yea... damn narrative is MIND BLOWING!!! now for the personal statement still working on it... any tips? Sad totally running outta stuff to say

majorpain: wow! congrats.. your "scores are not everything" is somehow comforting...I'm going after a spot in IM or FM this year... but I still have yet to take my CS and expecting to get my ECFMG cert hopefully by nov... now I'm scared to death about my chances...but still trying to be optimistic...(anyone in the same boat?)
did you contact the programs thru email or by phone? do you mind sharing step by step your strategy to finally get a match? grades (if you dont mind)... year of grad... that kinda stuff.. thanks a lot Smile

oh would anyone know any USCE opportinities for IM na (la bayad :p) in the san antonio texas area by any chance? I'd appreciate itSmile
mga kabababayan!!!! lalo na sa mga RN to MD applicant d2 sa States did you ask your nurse managers/supervisors for LETTER of Recommendation bcoz they are the one that really knows&see you how you deal&manage your patients?pwd ba yon or dapat ang LOR from a Physician only?
UST 2005 - IM and FM (back-up)
Hello Kabayans!

XU 2000: IM or Peds. I am so glad for this noypi thread. I am an RN here sa states and I just started on my quest para maging doctor dito. So I guess I'm a newbie and nangangapa pa lang, and I am really glad to have found this forum. I don't think makakasingit ako for 2009 matching. I just passed CK which I took 1st before step 1. Scared akong magstep 1 na walang mahabang prep. I don't know what to take 1st CS or step 1? Any advise? Ano bang dapat i-accomplish before what? What to prepare before mag-matching or mag-apply?

Sorry, dami ko question. Salamat na marami Smile.


If you plan to join 2009 matching, take first step 1 kc yan ang tinitignan ng mga PDs. Madali lang ang CS, if you know how to speak good english papasa ka, and syempre u still have to know your Hx and PE skills. Mas mahirap ang step1 for me kesa Ck so a good preparation is the key to achieve high score. If you're planning to join naman nxt yr's match, take your time, mahaba pa ang preparation mo. Better to be ecfmg certified before applying on sept 1. U can register na for the cs now para makakuha ka na ng schedule for the exam kc mahirap magpasked , mabilis maubos ang slot. Good luck and God bless.
Thanks doc_harry18.
musta sa lahat.....sali ako dito....hehe....feu grad.03...i joined last yr's match...medyo late nga lang....had 4 interviews but unfortunately...didn't match...anyway goodluck satin lahat...
Hi guys! Sali rin ako dito. FEU grad '07. I'll be gunning for the '09 Match. Anyone know of any good (and easy-to-get-into/IMG-friendly) pediatrics programs?

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