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Any Philippine grads joining Match 2009? - xthine
xthine: thanks xthine! nakatulong ka ng malaki at mga contibutors dito. kahit papano eh nagkakaroon na ng direksyon ang mga gagawin ko. medyo confused ako ngayon eh. syempre gusto ko rin makapasok sa magandang ospital kahit 2 attempts ako sa step 1 hehe. di lang siguro ako magaling sa exams. masipag lang ako magtrabaho. tama ka, mas malaki nga chance kung cerified na ako. sa dec. palang ako ma-certify kung okay ck and cs ko. so i dont think may makukuha akong mga interviews ngayon. gagastos lang ako ng malaki sa pag-apply. subukan ko mag-externship at gawin ang step 3.

anybody who can suggest where to apply for externship (IM) and how much? i will appreciate your response.

majorpain: i will remember your points. thanks sa advice.

pahabol - may alam po kayo IM externship sa florida or new york?

Count me in.
CIM 2006- OB-Gyn or IM

I'm planning to take step 3 and I just checked the FSMB website (last updated May 2008) and ALL the states there now require residency training before step 3. Connecticut now requires 2 years for IMGs and New York requires 3 yrs for IMGs! I'm hoping against hope that someone here knows a state where I can take my step 3 w/o the residency requirement first..
Sorry for the earlier post. Was looking at the wrong chart in FSMB for licensure requirement. The correct data is found in
darevee - You can select connecticut for step3 registration...Sa processing namn ng permit, mabilis lang, once they received your notarized CID, matagal na yung two weeks.
count me in. UST 2006 - will apply to IM or Neuro
Thanks Psalm! Will go for Connecticut. I'm still waiting for my CS result. Reporting date is between Aug 6 to Sept 3. Do they automatically send you the ECFMG certification once you have the CS result? What is the lag time between the CS result and the certification? I'm running on a tight schedule here to make it by the Sept 5 deadline. Tongue
to dark_stalker....try Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX. IMG-friendly and easy to get-into. I worked there in the ER as a nurse for about 18 months and maraming pinoy residents and even pinoy attendings ---so at home ka. : )
mga co doctors how many programs to apply ba ang kailangan?
Hi there. Im from UPCM 2007, applying to Neurology for the 2009 match. Currently doing an observership here in Chicago, malapit ng matapos. Xthine hanggang kelan ka sa California? Ill be in LA Aug 7.

Im waiting for my CS results, hopefully ill pass. ECFMG certification daw is automatic once u pass the CS (along with step 1 and CK). Im planning to apply to maybe 30 neuro and 30 IM prelim programs, super mahal kasi ng ERAS. They say the number you apply to depends on how competitive the program is, how competitive your application is (score, etc) and how deep your pocket is. I've emailed most of the neuro hospitals to inquire about requirements, most of them do reply.

ANy tips for step 3? Im planning to take it early Nov. before interviews (sana). Im gonna do Uworld and Crush, would that be enough?

By the way, anyone else applying to Neuro?
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