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Any Philippine grads joining Match 2009? - xthine
MINNIE81- From what I gathered in the forums, they are advising UW MCQ CCS, Kaplan CK notes and step 3 videos, FA and Crush, Kaplan QBAnk and Swanson for the geriatrics. But haven't started on any of the above except for Crush.

In the step 3 online application form, you have to specify your residency field. I tried inputting multiple entries pero parang hindi pwede. I'm planning for OB with IM as back-up. Will it matter if I put down OB in the step 3 form and then apply for an H1B in an IM program in case I dont get into OB?
rtzmd... thanks! i'll look into that!
Thanks darevee. By the way, is there any way to check if your documents have been scanned by ERAS? I know they;ve received it na, but i can't chack if it was scanned already. Thanks! Smile
Check ADTS at my eras
hi! has anybody tried fmg portal for externship? is it for real or will just scam me out?

if i get in a hospital for externship do i need to get my own malpractice insurance?

most hospitlals do require you to purchase ur own malpractice insurance for externship since you'll be handling patients. Better to email the hospital and inquire what their policies are. If it's an observership maybe they can waive thei nsurance since you'll just be observing.
thanks minnie81.
darevee - you will receive your certification within 1 week after passing step2cs... they will automatically mail it, check your oasis account for your current contact details (US address).
Congratulations to Xthine for starting this thread! Nag-aantay ako matapos ang endorsement ng inpatient team before I get the pager from them . . ako kasi ang call today, and while waiting, i tried logging in here again after quite some time. Busy na kasi. I noticed the new people around... at wala na ang mga kasabay ko. hehehe.

I guess all I can say is goodluck to everyone. Tapangan niyo loob niyo. Masakit sa bulsa (kakagastos), sa ulo (kakaisip), sa paa (kakalakad) at sa kung ano ano pa.... I have never prayed so much in my life. And I told "Him" that the best way I could thank HIM for his blessings is to "pass it on." So kung makakatulong ako, just drop me an email bodypump69. I will try to answer questions as much as I can, basta sensible. And kung maligaw kayo dito sa PA area, we have a good number of FIL physicians who I suppose are willing to extend a hand as well. And kung Atenista ka, hehehe let me know, plus plus plus points (Animo Ateneo!). If not, okay lang din, will help you still.

Last year when I was groping with the whole matching process, I sought solace from this website to appease my anxiety from everything that's going on. Up to the last steps, visa procedures, up to licensing and getting a car /insurance/ apartment --- this site has been great! Hope ist would be as fruitful for everyone

Dito na lang muna. Good luck . . . lapit na Sept. 1 Midnight. As for now, everyone should be streamlining their lists already and have made final revisions with their CAF, CV, and PS.

anybody here applying to obgyn programs? meron po kya sa inyo may list ng IMG friendly obgyn programs? thanks
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