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Any Philippine grads joining Match 2009? - xthine
Kamusta!! Been more than a week since I logged on..medyo naging busy with papers pagdating ko dito sa Manila. How is everybody doing? =)

@docshakelford: sayang hindi na tayo nag abot..I was staying in Milpitas dyan sa States

@roguemaveriquemd: *LOL* Ako din piga na utak pagdating sa PS. I have to make 2 (1 Psych and 1 pedia). Most of my LORs ako pa nag draft, so nagiging monotonous na mga paperwork ko =( Sabi sa Kaplan PS seminar I attended, the PS should be structured in a way that answers these 3 questions 1) What you chose the specialty 2) Why are you well-suited to the specialty 3) Your expectations for training. Tapos limit as much as possible to 1 page. DO NOT name drop, use poems or quotes, discuss anything in depth etc.

@dark_stalker: Apply din ako sa Pediatrics.. have you looked at programs?

@nananaginip: No problem at all. Magandang idea mo to take step 3 and be ECFMG certified muna before you apply. Nakakalula nga ang gastos..hay!

@minnie81: Hello! I'm back in Manila, left Cali a little over a week ago. I will be back come October if I get invites. Hehe. I had a ephemeral urge to apply to Neuro, then nag sink in ang reality that my creds are not competitive enough for that specialty *LOL*

Thank you for taking the time to visit and give tips stockton, majorpain, bodypump and to everyone else who matched last year. Sobrang laking tulong ng encouragement that you bring to the thread.

Good luck sa atin lahat =)
Virtuoso good luck sa Step 3.. malapit na!

hello xthineWinkhope evrything will be okay w/all of us Pinoy MDs for Match 09..Im still in the process of making PS of IM and FM..masarap parin sa Pinas kahit maiinit congested etc etc.. I still love the people there no matter what...anyways we need to be ready w/ our applications sa ERAS..pati sa pagpili ng mga programs we need to be very careful kc very EXPENSIVE...

ok mga guys& visit this forum later kc mag aral muna ako sa 2 cases ko to be reported to my Surgical Trauma attending who gave my LOR...bukas na yon reported d pa ako aralWinkhehehe
reporting palaWink
Hi guys. Im in the process of finalizing my program lists na for neuro and prelim IM. Im actually thinking of applying now to categorical Im dahil natatakot ako since competiitve ang neuro...hay buhay. Goodluck to all of us, hopefully every pinoy will match. Smile

Hello to all Pinoy!

xthine, I'm from Fremont and applying for FM and Pedia.

Kungdoctor, I am studying for step 3 and plan to take it Dec. What books did u use?

Is anybody doing observership, externship?
Hey xthine, thanks! Malapit na, nangangatog nako. Hehe.

Hi guys. Can I get your opinion/input?

I took my CS just recently, therefore I will not get my results until around October 6. Then I have to wait to get certified (1 week daw). Based on my situation, should I just wait to until I get certified (around mid October), or should I just go on ahead and start applying early September?

xthine, i've been searching through FREIDA and emailing different hospitals for their requirements. Nakakahilo sa sobrang dami! There's a lot! Ewan ko lang kung ma-iinterview ako sa mga hospitals na tinitingnan ko. My back-up is FM. Pero, I might end up choosing FM over Peds. Ewan ko..

Guys, another question...

How did u study for Step 3? What's good to use? Is FA still patok? What about UW??

Thanks again,
Hi xthine and other pinoy md going for 2009 match

I'm 2004 grad from St. Luke's ecfmg certified since 2007 and passed d step 3 last march of this year. Have low scores so have difficult time looking for residency(IM and FM) im actually emailing each program about their requirments. I'm also looking for hospital who will sponsor J1 or H1B. If any kind soul has lists of IMG friendly program in IM, FM or Pedia, i would definitely appreciate the help. Hope a lot of us get interviews and eventually match next year.

I'm currently in manila right now but would want to get back soon in the US to get some form of volunteer or observership in any hospital.

Maraming salamat po


what's your email address rivermaya?
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