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Any Philippine grads joining Match 2009? - xthine
Hi Xthine!!

im actually in pasay and alabang...i'm moonlighting and fixing some family matters that's why im still here...plan to go back to Jersey city maybe by october...was supposed to go as early as july sana coz was planning to do some observership in some hospital der to have some usce and bolster my resume pero have no choice becaues need to fix some stuff here...neway i did some observership naman sa isang private clinic last year as well as 2 months dis year so i hope it could help my chance...

i really like IM but since it so competetive il also apply Family med or pedia nalang...started emailin FM programs and some IM...i would really appreciate if u can give me some pedia if its ok w/ also share some of my info as soon as the programs start thinkin of payin some paid list but i think its just a waste of time il just be patient waitin on d programs...

to those who passed step 3 congrats!! to those who are taking it...just continue reviewing and practice practice and keep answerin questions...for the CCS i thing UWorld is enough just practice it with the USMLE CD...i reviewd kaplan step 2 cs, some swanson and did usmleworld for 2 months and even w/out residency i think dis is good enough and laslty dont forget to pray!!

*Xthine: Thank you so much for starting this great post!

* Rivermaya: I found this website offering free lists. Its IM list looks good but Im not so sure about the Ob list. Check it out:

* Filipino: YES, I`m also from Cebu. Where did you graduate and what year? I`m from CIM 2006. Drop me a line at my e-mail addy!

*Has anyone here tried buying lists? Any idea which site is good? Im contemplating IMG-Interactive, IMGPrep and Residency Cafe. Really need to get my hands on a good OB list... if anyone here has one please please please send it to me.

My addy is [email protected]
Hi darevee!!

Tnxs darevee it looks like a pretty good list and i think it is very helpful...try also they have a free list of also thinking of buying some list but still not sure what to buy but im might just look at d programs by myself...
Thanks rivermaya!
I checked it out. The IM list looked good. Still no OB though. Sad
Will stick to these 2 sites for IM. What programs are you planning to buy lists for?

hi! san hospital ka nag oobservership sa chicago? what department? and nagbayad ka ba ng fee? thanks!

@Rivermaya: I'm hoping to go back to California in October too *if* I get interviews. hehe. I made a list of Pedia programs, hindi ganun kadami because I crossed out yung hospitals where I will already apply to Psych. I got a good number of email replies from programs and have spoken with some coordinators too.
Send me an email at christhine or you can add me in YM para we could exchange info if you like. =)
Will you be applying to different specialties sa same hospital?

@darevee: Yeah it took a lot of courage (and encouragement *wink* *wink*) for me to start this thread. I'm glad that we could all get together dito sa forum kahit papano and try and help each other out for match. I heard MatchAResident has a good list. In my opinion, nothing beats doing your own research sa programs. I've looked at a couple of lists (FMG america, residency cafe) for Psych and found out na outdated yung info nila.
i missed this thread before. good luck to everyone! i plan to go for next year's match. i'm done with step 2 cK, planned to take CS ahead of step 1 but no slot na for this year. after reading the posts here, i've decided to go ahead with my original plan of taking step 1 before CS but then the eligibility period in the ECFMG website is only up to Dec. '08, wala pang sked for 2009.

rtzmd: we are in the same boat. hirap mag-aral, work and have family at the same time!

filipino: hello to you!we have the same sentiment!sarap na sana ang position natin ngayon. no stress with good income so why are we still considering residency? :=)

question to the guys doing observership, how did you get your positions? i am working as a RN here in CA. i am thinking of asking my attendings for LOR's but i'm shy to do it. i don't know how to approach the subject. i'm thinking if i do observership outside of work, then it will be easier to ask for LOR since they know i'm there for a purpose. i can ask my Manager for one but don't know if it will count.

any ideas, guys? thanks again! sana palarin din ako next year!
I am single and my preparatory is really nursing before going to medicine and i am bored so i just did it for fun. Seriously, i work as an ICU nurse and we think a lot in regards to the mgt. of the patients here in the hospital i work at ( CALIFORNIA) so i thought putting and maximizing ones mind it in the field you love most can harvest more fruits. If we fall we are still a nurse. I work in ICU and i am a critical care registered nurse certified. Despite of this , thi can be no big deal to some programs. I passed USMLE STEP # 3 too, but hey i can be a risk taker for once and this will be this match 2009. Good luck to all!
hi to everyone. anyone applying for fam med and pedia who's willing to share list of programs and their criteria? just so i could compare it with my list?
ANother question, what do you think of pm&r programs?
fantasy share your family med list to click_happy2002 then ill share to you my im list
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