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How foreign MD can get MA or PA certifcate??? - olgaform
If somebody knows any information how I can use my credits from med school to get MA certificate, please respond.
I have been looking for MA jobs and nobody wants to hire without certification.....
to get PA certificate you have to transfer your credits to college in your area who offer this program, then they tell you how many more credits you need to graduate from their program.Usually takes almost 2 years to get diploma and you have to sit PA exam. For MA just take classes for MA,otherwise you are way overeducated for this. Or keep looking in small offices who is willing to give you a spot. You can try to go to local placing agency who is dealing with healthcare employees. It is the way to start in US if you do not have any clinical experience. Or just open yellow pages and keep calling every single medical office and ask them if they are hiring for back office? or front office? But many of them asking for phlebotomy skills.Do you have them? Do phlebotomy also takes a certificate to be able to legally punch holes in people arms and hands.
Thank you knopochka!
I have phlebotomy skills, I think we all have that skill.)
But again, it' is always about certification.... I just need to find some job in medical field, while I am trying to pass USMLEs.
I thought that it will be easier with PA, but 2's a long time...
I found one program in U of M ( Minneapolis, MN) master degree in nursing, I am planing to apply and duration of program is only 16 months.
it is a new kind of program which call " From M.D. to R.N.", not many states have it. Just do search in google,you'll see link(s). If it what you are looking for,you can give a try. But, again, programs are expensive.If one is planning to be MD in US,is it worth it spending 20,000 on those programs? May be just a back up if something goes wrong with MD lis.
This is just to have back up...... Yes it is new in University of Minnesota, they did not have this program before...
I failed on step 1(, and now I am worry that even if I passed next time, it will be hard for me to get into residency.
So that is why I am looking for different ways.
you know, it is a people out there who had numerous attempts in both steps and still get residency. Of course, it is frustrating but possible to pass.
I am looking at the discussion on this forum and what you went through seems that each International Medical Graduate is going through. Getting a job in the healthcare business is not an easy but not impossible either, the chance of getting a phlebotomy job is a little easier than MA or PA and it may not require a certificate for some states, it depends on what state you live in. Besides, do not underestimate it, it's a job that has requirements and some sort of skills not necessarly any doctor can have. For any questions about that, I will be glad to answer
Can anyone please advise whether Kaplan USMLE home review books are good study materials for passing step one in comparision with Lecture notes?

Chicago Doc
i had Kaplan lecture notes for all steps(1,2CK,CS and now step3)
I like the way they teach.Many people on this forum recommend other stuff too. Premier review notes,not sure if they have it for step1?
Extership Paid for Foreign Medical Graduate (Chinatown / Lit Italy)


Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2008-07-18, 2:54PM EDT

Private medical group has opportunity for paid externship for foreign medical graduate in downtown Manhattan, near Chinatown.
The candidate will have opportunity to observe care in long term care facility i.e. Nursing Home. He/She will assist in patient notes, laboratory test review and other patient care activities. There is also opportunity for writing case reports and clinical related publication.
The program is not affiliated with any residency program neither guarantee residency position. The externship is solely intended to help strengthen applicants resume for residency.
Mandatory requirement: The candidate must speak Cantonese.

I hope this will help some of the FMG.Fine it on the GRAIGLIST !!!
I wa stecahing PA students for 2 years and most of them want you to start from begining ,BUT when they grdauete they are making let say good monay depend what kind of PA , satrting from $ 60 000 , $ 80 000 and above...
BUT I belaive that the time that you will spend doing that -you can prepare for your test,beside it is expensive to go true PA schooling...


PAEA recognizes the American Academy of Physician Assistants as the sole national organization representing physician assistants in the United States. Because of the many areas in which AAPA and PAEA share common concerns (e.g., certification, postgraduate education, etc.), APAP has found it valuable to maintain a close working relationship with AAPA. Since 1985, PAEA has had a representative in the AAPA House of Delegates.

Address: 950 N. Washington St.
Alexandria, VA 22314-1552
Phone: (703) 836-2272
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Contact: Steve Crane, PhD, MPH, Executive Vice President
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PAEA Liaison: Dawn Morton-Rias, EdD, PA-C, President
Dean, College of Health Related Professions
Assistant Professor-PA Program
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
450 Clarkson Ave, Box 94
Brooklyn, NY 11203-2056
W: 718/270-7709
F: 718/270-7702
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PAEA Education Council Liaison: Donna Sewell, MS, PA-C
Program Director
Townson University CCBC Essex
PA Program
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