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How foreign MD can get MA or PA certifcate??? - olgaform
to knopochka
my e-mail

Hi Olga, knopochka and masha!
I'm assuming all of you are from Russia. I'm from Malaysia but i just graduated from a medical academy in Russia...from Nizhny Novgorod. I was also thinking of getting a MA position too while i study for the USMLE...i haven't started taking the exam yet. By the way Olga, i'll also be going to Minnesota next week to study for the exam...i plan to live there for some time. It would be nice to keep in touch with you.
hi lisette! nice to meet you Smile
Hi every one..
Ja sne panimajem po ruskii, but mogla read po ruski alphabet...
Spasiba ..
Hi, you can also get an MA certification, go the american registry of medical assistant (ARMA), and read about it. Is really simple. Hope this help.
MA certificate is obtainable without taking exams. Just submit your Medical Degree & Full License as a Medical Doctor from your country's Medical Licensure Board, and pay the fees, and you will be issued a Medical Asstant License.

Contact info:
The American Registry of Medical Assistants
69 Southwick Road
Westfield, MA 01085
You may also call the office to leave a voicemail message:

Phone: 1.413.562.7336

hi everyone, thanx for this beautiful thread.
Does working as a medical assistant count as USCE?
anyone working as MA? Pl give your feedback.

nobody wants to answer my question?
i work for the last 5 years in the hospital of VA .Started as a nursing care partner,later on became an Intensive care Unit tech.Now I am working asd telemetry monitoring tech(cardiac)great learning experience,Of course not a lot of money.Some hospitals for example Sentara healthcare in VA has their own school of healthprofessions and u can get classes for free overthere.(BLS,ASLS,PALS ,and etc.)they have high standard of patient care and great benefits.I got into the system in 2006 and love it.
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