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Scores and certificate - nanaki
I just want to know what do you think, everybody says something different and I don't know what to believe. I took Ck on august 9 and I'm hoping to get my result on sept 3, I have 99 on step 1 and pass on CS, I'm just uncomfortable checking not ECFMG certified in my profile but I guess programs are going to see my three scores, I can't afford to wait until my certificate is ready, I have to apply early, on sept 3, what do you guys think?

I am in your same situation, but mine is because my credentials are currently being verified. So its taking time.

Im taking my chances, im applying on sep 2. Since I have my three scores Im hoping they will know that its just a procedure that im waiting to get certified.

That's what I will do but I figured something, your profile can be updated during the season and your ecfmg status won't be on your CAF, it's in your profile I guess, so if you update it programs will get your info as soon as you change it (I HOPE SO), I will apply on sep 3, I have no other choice.
oops, sorry I checked and It DOES show on your CAF
maybe I'll just hope that the programs review my application after I get my certificate
Don´t waste your time, go ahead and apply. With the scores on hand, it´s just a matter of time until the certificate is released, and I´m sure Programs will see it that way too.
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