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Should I report step 3 score - hopefully2008
I passed step 3 in first attempt. with a score of 76/189. Should I report this score. Will it be beneficial or more damaging?

Any reponse will be appreciated.

what a stupid question. I do not understand how guys who ask such questions became doctors.
Hopefully2008, all your scores will be shown on your usmle transcript whether u like it or not. So, you have to report all your scores.
new_md, learn to be kind to people. It may seem stupid to you, but it's a confusion to someone else. If u don't have a positive input to someone else's q, it's best not to spend time typing a harsh response. And u know what, you yourself may ask a q that you are confused about, and someone else may find it stupid. Try to be a bit kinder to even people who may appear stupid to u.
hopefully once your score is reported before you release your application it is always reported. good luck.
New_MD, compassion and empathy are two qualities we all need to become good doctors.

THanks a lot Jibbs and Chintoo. Sorry new_md..probably I was not clear in my question.

REason I asked is that I have already transmitted my scores to MyEras which included step 1 and step2 score . So I have the option transmitting step3 score to MyEras. As far as I know I can choose either. Please correct me if I am wrong. And if I have that option, is it better to transmit or not .. that was my question.

thanks for the input
chintoo and jibbs:

I agree with you answers and I too propose that the forum have some standards of empathy and respect.

Last week I was very dishearten when a forum member said that my comment on a particular subject was "bs".

We have to respect one another. always. No exceptions. that's just a fact of life.

I think you should report step 3 score , I think it would help for the screening of candidates with step1,2,3 passed.
you cannot check for step 1 and 2 separately. If you check for transmitting the USMLE transcript then whatever is available on sep 2nd will be reported. Since I guess u did not get step 3 before you requested transcript you may be confused. Your score is still NOT reported. So chill you cant do anything now. Although to lessen your anxiety, if I was a PD i would look at step 3 as a bonus, better take a candidate who has passed. However I am not a PD!
Feel free to ask if you did not get it.


You will always meet people who like to be nasty behind the virtual curtain of internet blogs.
And worse is meeting some of them in real life. But such is the life.
good always comes back.

I think the question is logical enough. The original poster has already released his USMLE transcript b4 his step3 report date. But interestingly one gets charged for the transcript only once u apply. So does that mean that the 1st transcript is "actually" sent on the day u apply. May be Maybe not. Who knows?

I think u passed and u passed on 1st attempt. But what are ur scores on other steps. But still if I were u , i would have released it. If u have low scores then u should definitely release it, no doubt about it.
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