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LOW Score in step 1 - bob101
Hi . My step 1 score was below 80 and now I am studing for step 2 . Is there any hope for me? what can I do ?
fret not pal. strike back with vengeance. i am in a worse position than you. attempt on cs. and now my parents have turned against me. hit back man. study for ck and cs as if your life depends on it. u came this far and theres no point turning back now. forget everyone and everybody, let them laugh at you. remember , he laughs best who laughs last. its a setback no doubt. but try to improve your cv from now on. get excellent score in ck.get usce if possible. step 1 is tough no doubt. but let bygones be bygones.

and remember its your war and you will have to fight it alone. no allies,no wingmen. its just you and usmle. so man,dont worry about the past. got just one word for you ' retaliate' . u have to win from now on and u can do it. infact everyone can do it.

a hope in our hearts , a prayer on our lips. thats us man. we are the underdogs. and underdogs are always there till the end no matter what.
Keep going doctor.You allready have done the hardest part of certification.It wont be easy but it's not imposible.If I did,you can do too.
Tnx velia. Would you please tell me more about your experience? I have CS in december,but I have no motivation.
Yeah I guess the key is never giving up just think of all the positives at the end of this journey. I also got below 80 on step 1 and an 80 on step 2 ck but now I am studying for cs and I will jot quit.
Tnx job722 . I hope the bests for you .
do not give up ,let me tell u .A friend of mine has scored 78 in step one and he got pre match in ped residency so keep fighting only God knows about tomorrow and also remember that there some programmes that really care about high score
If you are worry about getting into residency ,know that there is many programs who require passing score only ,of course it depends on what residency you are aiming for,
Best of luck.
dont give upppppp
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