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LOW Score in step 1 - bob101
i think you have to give concideration to many things, like you need high score in step2ck,pass cs in first attempt and step3 also with good score in first attempt, need usce asmuch as you can and at last and first visa reqiurement, if you dont need visa then you have very good chances.
listen bob, dont get me wrong, but stop procastinating and start preparing for yr next step. u cant change yr step 1 marks, can u?? but surely u can do better on yr remaining steps. so my advice, lock this post once and for all and hit yr books real hard.

Best of Luck
hi amycoz,
could u plz tell me what kinda programs require only passing score, as my step 1 score was low,,,,,,,,, plz help
thanx and God bless
mu email
Try problem.......even i hav low scores in both step 1 n 2 n hav passed cs i m trying....therez no problem....u keep going.....try 2 do better next time.....n once u r in US find US clinical exp u will b fine...there r lots like u.....u r not alone keep goin!!!!!!!
If you're an American grad, it's not a big deal unless you're trying to get into a very competitive type of residency. You can overshadow your Step 1 score with a good Step 2 score. Just make sure you try to take Step 2 before you start interviewing so you can counter any questions about your low Step 1 score.

it was nice to read all the responses here, thank u guys for your input.

my step 1 score is also not worth boasting about ( 80 percentile) - is there any chance for me to get IM if i scored higher than 95 in step 2 ? i guess psychiatry or family medicine will be gettable, right?

pls share your thoughts.. thanks.
iam img with 77 on step1 i want surgery iam a cardiothoracic surgeon resident is there any possibility that i will remain in my field i believe in god but logically speaking the question is is it impossible
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