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every one waiting for result get together here - spssps
god bless u all on jan 28
I took my CS on Nov 12, the worst exam I had ever very tense..r we gonna get our result on Jan28?....GL to everyone
I gave mine on Nov 17, first attempt and still waiting.....
every time I think about my CS perormance, I feel I have done well, but, my mind
is so worried and it keeps on telling, I could have done much better, some silly mistakes
like forgot to drape one patient and remember it after one minute and said sorry to him
and drap him.Guys and girls,I hope every one is thinking the same way.Can we share
the mistakes we did here?
I am thinking the same as spssps,but still have in mind a lot of silly-stupid mistakes that I did.The first one is that at the first case I totally forgat to wash my hands....also i am not sure how well I did with the phone case,sort of finished too quick.
My other concerns are the way I wrote the history and DG.I was handwriting it and my writing is I regret that I did not taped it.....
i did the exam on november 10th in houston
i am worried about the communication skills part of the exam :
i draped only those who need abdomenal exam, i did not counsel 3 cases, otherwise i did well
am i going to fail?????????? i am so worried about the result, please answer me.....
we need more inputs from our active members.
I dont know if I should stay at home on the 28th and check my results or go to the hospital like everyday and check from there...I want to express my anger or joy so what do u guys suggest??
how should we get the result? is it online as step 1 and 2? or we will receive it by the post?
online I guess like other steps...Good luck for us!
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