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every one waiting for result get together here - spssps
Thanks lady3456 and spssps -
You know what, I didnt realise age / year of graduation is such a BIG factor when I started preparing, but when I applied to different programs in CA this year - I was shocked to see how the old grads are treated. And a blemish of fail in CS would make my road as diificult as impossible. Well lets see what the future has in store for us ....
I dont want to sound passimistic but I guess I am way too anxious.
peace4all and ladsy3456 and other old graduate I am like U guys and girls.Some days i am Manic and some days depreesive but this kind of positive word help me alot.
Thank you and let help each other.
I'm old graduated too (1998) and I will keep study till I will finish with all the exams. I failed once (Step 1) and I had to get up and study again. So, I want you guys to keep study whatever the result will be . Lets, keep in touch.
God bless you..Smile
i did so many mistakes like i did nt draped every sp in the begining but did that anytime i got remembered that. i think i did nt do conseling in a good way .in some encounters i felt shivering of my one case i forgot to extend leg fone case i did not know how to ask qs and counseling even i was not clear abt d ds.i finished every case 2 to 4 mins before time now i think i might tried to rush the sps and i think i did not answer their challenging qs well although those were v simple qs and all from first aid.i found almost all the sps v expressionless thats why i think that i did not satisfy them thats why.i missed ophthalmoscopy in 2 to 3 sps with ch htn .i think i have done so many mistakes but still i always pray to pass the exam.GL to all of us and may all of us get pass result.
I did a lot of mistakes too :

1. I forgot to summarize to most of the cases...
2. I don't know how could I forgot this. I washed my hand fast...(probably in 15-20 sec.)
3. 3 cases I could not finish on time...The Proctor call me out while I was almost at the end of the physical exam....but I did counseling right away when I asked about smoking , drinking or using illicit drugs.
4. I told to the patient that I will go ahead with PE....and he told me that he feels embarrassing( his complain was discharge from penis (urethritis) and than I stop doing any PE and I told to the patient that I want him to come back next time for complete physical examination. This case was the last and I think I was too tired.
5. I messed up DD at Patient Notes ...

So, I don't know if I will pass or not....On Jan.28 th I'm working and I will not check my result until I will get home...I'm apprehensive regarding my result and I pray to pass the exam.

God bless you
I went out for shopping for IV and then dinner out..Now I am back, tired and sleepy
will be back on forum tomorrow,
Good luck with both Iv and CS spssps,i am trying to stay positive but is it tuff!!I am so hiper or manic or whatever I am ,that I can't control my thinking sometimes....Wish you all a good weekend ,let's try to survive ,it is just another exam and I will not let it to ruin my mental health..... and pray that we will all pass.
Hey lady3456, relax, enjoy yr wkend, watch some movie, you will be fine
1 more day passed with great difficulty. 3 more days to go.
yes, sleepless nights , anxiety induced gastric upset, and loss of concentrating on other aspects has started now
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