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every one waiting for result get together here - spssps
I had a patient with depression and fatigue because his wife was having Alzhiemer dis.
i asked patient about his sym ,how he feels abt his wife problem all that but forgot to ask him his wife taking regular treatment, is he helping her for that, and do you want to discuss about yr wife's condition more. I focused more on patient himself, but not on his wife's problem which was cause of his depression..I don't know I should have tell him, can he bring his wife so that I can help? I don't think that is the right way.The SP looked so depressed, he never gave me smile and till the end I was thinking am I missing something? I am still not able to find it out.I showed sympathy, councelled him for depression but he was lost, not interested in my councelling..
I am also an old graduate, have done step 1 and 2, This is my second attempt for CS.
Extremely tense. I dont have courage to open ecfmg, and result sheet.
All old graduates, please guide each other about the programs where we should apply. We all know that we dont have time to waste and we cannot apply in all programs, we have very limited choice so its good to help each other in this application season.
same boat here. old graduate (early 90s), anxious about the exam. Have a pre-match offer. if fails, every thing is over for this year.
which program has offered you. I applied in 56 programs , didnt recieve any IV call.
Most of the programs said that they dont accept old graduates, the reason was due CS result too.
Should we (old graduates) keep hope, because chances are going down with passing years.
I have the same experience advil.
just to laugh and release tensin...I said to patient I want to listen to ur heart and I lifted up the drape and find myself examining her with eir problems I cldnt use properly the otoscope and the black recyclable cap kept falling more than 3 times..then I said am not used to this type of otot ..we use different ones at my hospital...I felt SO STUPID!
hi ,i took the exam on nov 17th.
i didnt apply for any program because there were only few programs in IM and FM who were accepting non certified applicants and the other reason was few ppl said that if u apply and dont get interviewed then it can have a negative effect on your next year application.
plz clear me about the second thought.
hi can anyone tell me response of sps to ur history taking and physical exam because i found all sps expressionless to everything i did.thats why i m so scared of my result because i think that i did not do well.plz tell me this thing ...............
hi can anyone tell me plz abt the response of sps to ur history taking and physical exam as i found all sps v expressionless to whatever i did thats scare me abt my result and i think i did not do well and they were not satisfied thats why they did not give me good response.plz tell me ur experience abt this thing ............
Drlia,I think maybe the sp were trained to be like that...,in my case I find all of them like real patients and I have to recognize that with all the mistakes I did I was feeling goo,too good ,in my case this is my fear why did I feel that good??On the other side I have bad feelings about my dg,labs and my medical sheet.
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