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observership in cooper hospital camden...... Nj... - img_84
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hi can u plz tel me how do i getobservership at coopere hospital?????????????? my id is desai_miral87
hi img_84 : congratulations for getting observership. which month did u schedule it for??? i got one i'm looking for accomodation . n reg getting lor 4m d attending, its not a difficult task once we do our job correctly n impressively. its not difficult to get an lor but cooper no longer offers iv for imgs', thats' d main drawback.nywy lets jus hope d best. gudluck.

to rest of d forum members : go to freida , u'll find cooper's details with d pd n pc's email id.jus mail pc with ur resume. she'll get back to u asap asking u to mail few of ur documents. its easy but u need to be ecfmg certified by d time u start ur rotation. gud luck guys.
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