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to:fortabt1 - chess1
hi i have send them to stevio99 .please ask him.i have done my part .it is really time consuming more then 20 files and each 10 mb .i hope stevio99 will help you out guys.
He won't! I apready asked!
chess1, can you plz send the files to me too? Thanks for helping a deeply frustrated IMG. You are blessed! My email address green5169c
I already did, two times. He promised and I have still not received them.
To chess1.
Did you download them from somwhere? If so can you say where, so we can get them ourselves.
forbit1 . there is no site it is internal medicine kaplan notes.
Thanks for you time and effort. It's a pity that the first link in the chain didn't keep it going.
1000X GL on your exam.
You know what pisses me off?
The past few days i've been going thru the classifieds looking for cheap material.
You would be amazed (take a LOOK) at how many of the people that have been asking to have this material sent to them, are also SELLING loads of step2 stuff in the classified section.
I guess this is how they get their wares to sell.
fortabt1, did you get the stuff? look me up, I told you I would send it to you, if you haven't gotten it already just get aol messanger and drop me an email
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