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Form-327A Incomplete Repsonse?!?! - help needed - usmedipro
After much chasing and much delay(nearly 6months) from my medical school (in INDIA), form-327A along with medical school transcripts were mailed to ECFMG last month. All these documents were signed by DEAN of my medical school with proper seal etc. (I had photo copies of these papers from my school for my reference)

Today I received a letter from ECFMG saying,
"An incomplete response to ECFMG's verification response has been received from your school, so ECFMG sent another request on . The response was incomplete because:
The Verifcation of Medical Education Form (Form327-A) was not signed by a recognized official of your medical school"

I'm totally shocked - IF DEAN OF A MEDICAL SCHOOL IS NOT A RECOGNIZED OFFICIAL OF MEDICAL SCHOOL - who else is recognized by ECFMG???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even if I chase after my medical school to get the documents again, the same DEAN is going to sign the documents!!! What is ECFMG expecting me to do here??

Did any of you have a similar experience??

Please advise??

Thanks for your reply.
did you try telling ecfmg about it? did you college dean change. ecfmg might have different signature on their record.. i think i saw a similar post with the same problem because ecfmg had different signature on their record and the dean of that college had changed. which state are u from?
I have the same issue with Ukrainian Med school. What should we do? Just got the letter from ECFMG yesterday.
Could you, please, look at your form 327-A copies, should it be signed by officials only on the first page or on the 3d as well? Form has 3 pages, so I worry if my school signed everywhere needed. Thanks a lot
hi guys
I have the same problem..the form 327-A which my university keep sending to ECFMG office,gets rejected every time ECFMG gets it..First they said they didn't get it.2nd time they told me the signature, the dean signed isn't recognized, because it did't match dean's signature of last time..Then i called my university and have them send one official letter stating that the preset dean is the successor of the last dean and that he has full authority to sign any official forms..This time i was hoping that it all goes through and i'll get certified since i already passed step 1 step 2 ck and cs, 1 year before...but sadly it didn't go well this time as well..ECFMG again sent that 327-A form on july..i am so's already been so long now..

I just wated u to know that i am on the same boat and i am so depressed.
guys what is going on with ecfmg ,my friend from same country has rejection ,i am also expecting this rejection , i got my ck result yesterday and i am ready to apply this sept
but i am kind scary not certified ,why is dean of medical school is not recognized official?
last year all friends i know were certified by the same signature of our dean ! what happen now?
I had the same problem. I graduated from medical school in London, UK. It seems that there is an official form from ECFMG that officials from your medical school needs to sign. Only then can these signatures go on their records as the official people to approve your diploma. If the ECFMG inform you that the response is incomplete, call ECFMG, ask them what your medical school needs to do and you contact your medical school to make it happen. Don't wait for ECFMG to sort it out.
I have the same problem. my cs result was out on 24th june 2009 and I was waiting for my ecfmg certificate till 15 july when i called ecfmg representative and asked about the problem. she told me that ecfmg has sent that form 3 times to my medical school but there is no response. I requested her to send it one more time and she did. In the mean time I contacted my medical school and they told me that they havnt received such a document yet. After waiting untill 3rd August I again cotacted my medical school and they still havent received those documents. I called ecfmg again and asked if they can track those documents to know who has received those but they were unable to track. I authorized through fax to ecfmg representative to use my FedEx account to resend those documents personaly so they can be tracked and I am still waiting what happens.
Hey guys it seems that the same happened with my university... I called ECFMG and they told me to my university send an official letter with the name of the people who will authorized to sign the forms... anybody know how this letter should be?
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