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applying for Pathology - Please gather here - peace4all
Lets help and advise each other.
good idea!
My Creds are - 82S1, 89S2, CS Passed. Transfusion Medicine from India. Working in Clinical Lab in US from 2003. Few publications. Applying for combined AP/CP.
Thank you for starting this thread for this year.
My Creds: 99 S1, 98 S2, CS passed. US fresh PhD, 9 years away from med school, no working experience, several non-first author papers and >10 conference posters and 1 platform presentation; need H1 visa. LOR: 2 US PhD professors and 2 pathologists from private groups. 1.5 months part-time observership. Only apply for pathology (mainly AP/CP).
I will apply for around 70 programs from all tiers and hope I can get around 3-4 interviews.
Thanks for sharing you stellar creds. You will surely match into the program of your choice. Are you also applying to any Illinois OR California Programs? And are you also applying for any other speciality besides Pathology?
I am thinking of applying to about 60 programs all over.
I am interested in path too. 99/99/cs pass/ecfmg cert/Green card. Graduated from MBBS in 2002. PhD in US in 2006. Post doc since then. Around 10 publications. A first author one in Science. One month observership in ped path in my univ dept. I am applying to only academic programs AP/CP. May be around 20. Lets see. 4 reco letters - phd advisor, dept chair, observership asst prof, and research assoc prof in path dept (not clinical though). So only one from Path per se.
I am planning to take step 3 in Sept. Are any of you planning to take step 3 before interviews? I heard it can be to our advantage if we pass step 3 and get it out of the way. Any thoughts on how important the scores are? I asked the path program director in my univ and he said pass is fine. Just wanted additional inputs.
Also, a doubt on PS. How long should it ideally be? I heard one page is max. It is quite difficult to squeeze in all the past and future into one page. Any inputs?
peace4all, I will apply for the programs in Illinois, but not in CA. Pathology will be my only choice.

mdphd, your stunning credentials will definitely bring you into a top-notch program for sure. Wait for your good news! I am also planning to take step3, but won't be ready until Dec. It will be helpful for sure since a lot programs don't want to take the risk after you start the residency. As for the PS, I have heard that it should be more than 600 words and limited in one page. But if it is around 700 words, I think it should be still OK.
Dear sharp, thanks so much for your encouragement and kind words. You have good crendentials too!
Sometimes I feel how much ever we accomplish is never enough to compete against recent american grads who will always have an edge over us.
Though I am not totally ready for step 3 (like to get in 90s), I planning to give it a shot. I should be able to pass since I gave step 2 in feb. I am going to have my second baby soon after that, so this will be my only shot!
mdphd, you are so great! I always think mom applicants are the most mentally strong people, and you still can ace everything at the same time! I bet you will have more chances even more than most AMGs.
As for step3, I believe a pass is good enough and you will certainly make it.
I will try my luck with 10 programs, it is only 65 $.
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