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applying for Pathology - Please gather here - peace4all
@ aduo

The latter. Or I guess you can find a job as clinical pathologist period. Though it might be difficult with that kind of training. The point is you will be a board certified pathologist and you will do clinical work as well (unless you don't want to Wink)
I think that Pathology is around 1/3 IMGs..last year IMGs filled around 22% of positions offered in the match (and quite some positions during scramble) + a significant number outside the match - in fact there is a score of community programs that are aaround 90% IMGs and either dont go to the match or leave one spot put of 3 or 4 for the match. there is also a good number of University Programs that give prematches too.I am positive that the three IMGs at hopkins last year were on Prematch basis !!!
those number are not far below those in Pediatrics - which is was filled 25 % IMGs during the match last year-....
generally speaking it has been more or less the same in the last few years...wishing Good luck to everybody Smile
I think amfas is right. There are quite few positions for IMG. Also many AMG think pathology is not lucrative enough (they might be wrong though!). You don't believe all the horror stories ppl tell. So I don't think it is supercompetitive. Obviously it's not EASY to get in but it's a fair game. Remember that pathology is a little different no patient contact. For this reason a lot of ppl tend not to like pathology that much. Therefore there are less applicants.

Ok. I just applied to 23 univ programs. I thought of doing 10, but then got tempted to check my application strength! My application is incomplete though. Only CAF, transcripts, photo and 1 LOR is in the post office. ECFMG is taking forever to scan documents off late. Hopefully the other documents will be there soon. Let us all keep each other updated on the IV calls. Good luck everyone, esp SHarp (where are you?)
@ Alegrnon : I agree. Path is not easy to get into but it is not General Surgery or orthopedics for IMGs. I beleive everybody can find something that suites her/his own unique profile as long as he/she does her/his homework and applies wisely. The hit of path is to show a genuine interest in the field and solid acadmeics - Path is studying-heavy field and programs wont like people with low scores or history of poor academic performance!!!
btw I'm Dr_ayyad from the other forum if u ve already noticed Wink
hi egyptwithin, do you mind sharing yr list of 72 programs ?
mdplus , do you mind sharing yr list of 40 programs
histones5454 what are yr credentials ?
mdphd - do you mind sharing yr list of 23 programs
My statistics were based on the survey of 2008. But it might not be accurate because I never thought about scramble and prematch part. Yes I also heard even several top-notch programs gave prematch to IMGs. I really wish what amfas said is right, so that I will have more hope.
Mdphd, thank you so much for your pray. I am looking forward to hearing the first IV news from you in this forum.
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