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applying for Pathology - Please gather here - peace4all
About 3/4th of the programs have downloaded my application. Still one more LOR to get into the post office though. When I applied, there was pretty much nothing except CAF. Some more stuff such as medical school transcript and two LORs came through today morning. The programs that I downloaded yesterday still continued to download the updated stuff today. That was reassuring.
peace4all had asked me which programs I applied to. I have applied to univ programs in Texas, Boston, PA, NC, UIC, Georgia.
hi mdphd can u update when ur lor reached ecfmg which got scanned...
Reached on Friday 13th and got updated today morning around 11 am. GL.
friday was 14th please clarify again..
Oh yeah. Friday 14th. Sorry
after 14th they wiill scan 17th or what (as 15th and 16th was sat n sun). anybody with their lor reached at ecfmg on 15th......
17th i think
Ok, let me share my first rejection, they are really efficient.

U. Alabama at Birmingham, Reason: I am Foreign National. If there is any change of visa status, they may re-evaluate my application. The crappy thing is that they never listed these requirements on their website.

My credentials can be seen on page one.
sorry to hear about that. It is not fair to reject you because you need a visa.
By the way, you have very strong creds and will get a plenty of IVs later on.
mdplus, thank you so much for your sweet words. I feel that this year the programs hate visa problem more. You can see from this forum that most rejections are because of visa.
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