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applying for Pathology - Please gather here - peace4all
Thank u Algernon for ur help
no problem dude. I'm sorry I can't really help u that much.
Is't possible to do Phd in pathology and residency at the same time?
Do you all have any list of pathology programs where very very old graduate with PhD and few publications can apply? If you have, please post or mail. I would appreciate it very much. My scores are low and each second attempt. What are my chances in Pathology and which programs to apply? Thanks.

By the way, working in a clinic and doing an observership in medicine recently.
Just to refresh the page!!
for the ones who have done PhD in pathology,
is it easy to get admission in PhD program and what r basic requirements,
and does PhD in pathology really helps to get a residency spot in pathology.
Guys....keep this page live!!
I have a question about my LOR. I have 3 letters sent out already currently. But there is one pathologist, who is in a vacation right now, can only come back on 08/20, and he may need a little more time after that to write me a letter (he already agreed). Can I still count on that letter? I already reserve a slot for this letter and I am not sure if it will make my application incomplete when the time for application starts.
Sharp: If you have 3 letters, use them first on Sept. 1st.

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