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applying for Pathology - Please gather here - peace4all
mdplus, thank you for your reply. But the last LOR is very important for me. Do you think if it is OK for my to postpone my time for application submission, such as to 09/07 or 09/14? Will I lose a lot of chance if this happens?
Hi Sharp,
I am in the same situation as yours. I did a Path observership over the last month. The prof will give me the letter soon, but not sure when. I am planning to release my application to the programs on Sept 1, even if the final letter is not received, that is with two letters. I personally spoke to the program secretary in my univ program and she said that most applicants do not have all three reco letters at time of initial application and are called on basis of remaining stuff submitted. Obviously, all 3 recos are needed by time of interview. The secretaries receive daily updates from ERAS about applicants and constantly update it.
I have the same situation. One doctor agreed to write me a LOR, but she is on vacation now and I couldn't get in touch with her. So no hope this letter can be on time.
A good rule of thumb to use when writing your personal statement is to cover some key points program directors are looking out for.

This should include:-

- Why you prefer that particular specialty

- What you find interesting in that particular program

- Laying emphasis on your strengths

- Turn your weaknesses into stepping stones

- Mention how you intend to realize you professional aspirations

- Where you see yourself in five to ten years down the road

- Your motivation and tenacity to excel in a challenging residency program

Program directors have 100™s of personal statements to read and any one that is too long makes their job more demanding. Try to keep your PS within one page or six hundred words or you risk gradually working propofol into the program directors system sending them to sleep.

I hope this helps.
Thank mdphd and aduo for your reply. My letter writer will come back next week and may send out my letter by the end of next week. So I think it is possible that the letter will be scanned before 09/14. What if I submit my application 1-2 weeks after the application starting day (09/01)? Will I lose a lot of chances? Or should I just follow mdphd's way, sending out my application without the completion of my LORs? If so, should I still assign this late letter to the programs I apply for now? Or should I wait until it is scanned?
so scaring to see so many 99s and PhDs, great publications, so what is the chance for those like myself, no PhD, old gradaute, not good score?

Not I am positive there must be some spots for average people Smile

verypositive ...are u going to apply this match ?

Nice to hear your story regarding your CS miracle. Good luck and best wishes.
zado, yes, I do
what's the difference between the first day apply and last day of sept apply? or even later?
verypositive, I have some opinions about the application: everyone has his/her own shining points, any of those will make him/herself special to stand out.
For example, mdphd is the perfect applicant who is non-comparable in every aspect, but I am sure the applicant like her is rare. peace4all has great related working experience, durham and mdplus have great publications, allergon (hope I am not spelling it wrong) is fresh and has amazing step1-3 scores. If you want to, you can always dig out your own special points. Score, visa, graduation year, publication, previous experience, LOR, and most importantly, the internal connections, are all important and you whole package will be considered. Of course we all have some insufficient parts which may make us lose some chance from some programs, but that is OK because our shining points are not really appreciated by them anyway. What you need is just to grab couple of chances and make it. If you can not find any shining points from yourself with all efforts, then try to make some, such as a long time hands-on experience (externership,etc). There is always a chance for everyone and what we need is to try our best to seize it.
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